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  1. McFinn

    Raaco/Plano - ASL Storage

    I often travel to and from ASL meets via motorcycle, so when transporting my kit, yes, the ability to withstand bad weather is a consideration.
  2. McFinn

    What was your "moment?"

    The dice give us the best ASL stories. Gotta love them.
  3. McFinn

    Remarkable late war US film clip

    The book “Spearhead: An American Tank Gunner, His Enemy, and a Collision of Lives in World War II”by Adam Makos is a good read on the from the perspective an American and German tank gunner near the end of the war an dcovers the events in the film clip. A great read
  4. McFinn

    Revealing a HIP roadblock

    So if there was an I5 hex at level 1 with a gun in it. It couldn’t eliminate the roadblock using HE but a gun in I3 could.
  5. McFinn

    Valor of the Guards and other item for sale on Ebay

    I have a shrink wrapped Valor of the Guards on sale on Ebay bids starting at $25.00 I have a variety of other ASL stuff on sale as well, please check out Sampo30 as a seller. I have to get rid of duplicates and lesser used items of ASL as I'm out of a job right now. Thanks for checking out...