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  1. thively

    HoB Tarawa Scenario Info

    Thank you Scott!
  2. thively

    HoB Tarawa Scenario Info

    Thanks for checking, that is what I see, looks like an eraser moved across it. The other scenarios SAN range from 3 to 5, so they don't help on trying to guess.
  3. thively

    HoB Tarawa Scenario Info

    I have a scenario from the old HoB Tarawa module called The Hawkins Room. I'm missing the Japanese sniper number. If anyone knows what it is please let me know. Thanks.
  4. thively

    Playtesting for new A9 and A10 Tables

    email sent to Scott.
  5. thively

    Hatten EmRR

    Help with LOS please. 1. From BB12 to DD27 and FF27, black lines. I'm thinking good LOS as German is on the EmRR. 2. From CC14 to DD27 and FF27, red lines. These I'm not sure about. 3. From CC12 to DD27 , purple line.
  6. thively

    Immobilized Tank and Bounding Fire

    Doug, I was thinking as you are, and still it seems illogical, but it is clear from D8.5 that an immobilized vehicle can fire. "D8.5 Assuming an Inherent crew that is not broken/stunned/shocked, a bogged/immobilized vehicle may still expend MP for "non-movement" purposes (e.g., to change TCA...
  7. thively

    Immobilized Tank and Bounding Fire

    I think I see the answer, I should have declared a gun duel, and might have gotten off a shot before he fired. My bad. C5.33
  8. thively

    Immobilized Tank and Bounding Fire

    A recent game situation had a M10 which was BU and immobilized. During the Mph of the side with the immobilized AFV, could the owning player go CE, then fire the MA as bounding fire?
  9. thively

    KBR1 - Advance to the Pregel

    George, I recommend you invite BraveDave to join your proofreading team.
  10. thively

    Race to the Meuse - Motorcycles & barbed wire fence Questions

    George, Setting up RM 1, playing the Germans, and I am wondering if the KGP barbed wire fence rules apply to the cycles in RM? I didn't see anything in the RttM B6.5 rule that would keep a motorcycle from crossing a barbed wire fence, other than taking a bog check, is that correct? Todd
  11. thively


    Thank You, I have emailed Steve.
  12. thively

    konigsberg HASL

    Thanks George, love LC's work. Keep it up.
  13. thively

    konigsberg HASL

    Any update on the VASL map for Konigsberg?
  14. thively

    Question on Roadblock placement

    B29.1 and .2 Must roadblocks be between either woods and/or buildings? Or, can they be placed across any road regardless of terrain? The example in the section and the reference in .2 refer to woods/buildings.
  15. thively

    Provence Pack PP03/PP10 with Titles

    Yes, thank you!
  16. thively

    Death To Fascism Corona VASL tourney - next week

    Hi, I'd like to participate in the tourney.
  17. thively

    New ASL Deluxe module PBEM Opponents wanted

    Got some games, no more for now.
  18. thively

    LOS through a Building Question

    Thank you, this is helpful. Again, I'm not defending the idea that the LOS is open, my opponent just threw me that LOS curveball over something that never occurred to me as even potentially possible when imagining a "real" building.
  19. thively

    LOS through a Building Question

    I agree with you, my opponent is saying that since his firing unit is at level 2, it sees over any level 1.5 building. Is there a better rule to quote than the blind hex rule A6.4?