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  1. Larry

    VASLeague 2024

    I did check.
  2. Larry

    VASLeague 2024

    did not receive an email. I know my opponent.
  3. Larry

    Bedburg Bite: Question?

    The eALSRB makes the production of a large print version unnecessary. Inherit zoom!
  4. Larry

    Smoke question

    According to the wiki and my vague recollection, the Nazis banned smoking in government buildings and on the job in '38. Should be no smoke in German controlled buildings. :LOL:
  5. Larry

    Where did these Axis Minors vehicles come from?

    75LL* reminds the player to use black TH#. The sN is a 6 instead of a 7 in 44 and an 8 in 45. Interesting that the * is after the caliber and barrel length for the VG but before those marks on the VIE. Cf. Notes 11 and 12. Other notes follow the before caliber format. Probably would have...
  6. Larry

    Can Rate of Fire used by another SW?

    The CA counter works for H and MMG.
  7. Larry

    Adjacent to Road Clarification

    Out of LOS or hindered.
  8. Larry

    Concealed leader Loses Concealment

    Except when the MMC is moving and the SMC is not moving in the stack.
  9. Larry

    Bitterest Day (AKA Sugar Loaf Hill) Preorder

    Received mine today. I use by wife's paypal account. We received a package from Sam Tyson addressed to the owner of the paypal account. She insists that the package is hers. Then the fun begins.
  10. Larry

    VASLeague 2024

    Your opponent has the same link.
  11. Larry

    Self Rally for Partisans in Forest Brothers (PK4)?

    Some of the attributes of partisans are listed, positive and negative. A25.24 = Partisans are not affected by the special rules for their nationality
  12. Larry

    A20.55 Escape and nationalities--last sentence w/ EXC

    Not aware that the Russians fought in Italian or Japanese borders. Even if the exception applied, it does not have a fatual context.
  13. Larry

    Where is it? (can't end MPh in Bypass)

    The title of the section applies to the second sentence.
  14. Larry

    Pegasus Bridge LOS

    what is the dark grey intruding into Y18 on either side of the road?
  15. Larry

    Pegasus Bridge LOS

    B6.2 -- (unless that LOS is traced only through the road depiction of the Bridge) The bridge is in Y18 and Y19. Is LOS through the road depiction of the bridge in Y18? Clearly not. It hits the bridge.
  16. Larry

    Firing CMG after intensive firing MA.

    I read Rich's statement as a D1F followed by a MP expenditure and then the IF shot. I don't read D3.51 as pertaining to the Prep or Defensive Fire phases. I read it as pertaining to any phase in which the weapon can fire. AP and Doug nailed the answer.
  17. Larry

    ASL Bell Tolls

    I spoke with Bruce ... quite a while ago. Another icon in ASL had passed. Bruce told me that it reminded him of the limited time that we had and the need to mend fences. Sage advice.
  18. Larry

    D3.7 Vehicular malfunction of MA

    "Such ordnance malfunctions on an Original To Hit DR of 12 and MG/FT/IFE malfunctions on an Original IFT/CC DR of 12" modifies the last independent clause of the preceding sentence: "otherwise a B# of 12 is inherently assumed." If the "such" sentence modified all malfunction, the adjective...
  19. Larry

    Bicycle Charge? A15.431 and D15.81

    Just to make it worse: D15.8 -- . All cycle rules apply except as amended below. It is clear that units on motorcycles are riders. Bicycles expend MF as "if Infantry." 15.81. Bicycles, like motorcycles, are fired upon with the ITT and use the IFT to resolve that fire. I don't see an...
  20. Larry

    Bicycle Charge? A15.431 and D15.81

    Bicycle riders are not on foot. The index defines infantry as "on foot." That bicycle riders have some characteristics of infantry does not change their riding nature. PRC are not subject to heat of battle and riders are part of the PRC designation.