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    Board DW8

    Hi Just looking at a scenario set on board DW8, what terrain is the orchard like symbol with 5 small green dots? Richard
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    Kampfzone magazine

    Jason Mark (of Death of the Leaping Horseman and Island of Fire), has started a quarterly magazine called Kampfzone. It's packed full of interesting articles and scenario ideas. The first issue had an 11,000 word article on the fighting for the Grain Elevator in Stalingrad, the bigraphy of a...
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    Smiths Ridge SEAD tables

    Hi, The SEAD table in the Smith Ridge rulebook is different to the ones on the campaign game cards. Which one is correct?
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    FT254 Insurrection at Cividale

    They're not in my version of BV (still using 1st edition :)) and I can't find them in VASL.
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    FT254 Insurrection at Cividale

    Hi What are the German tanks in this scenario and where do I find them? Richard
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    Another update for those not on FB

    My copies of the modules arrived in Sydney today. Looks great.