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    Merry Christmas One and All

    Merry Christmas to all.
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    HOB SS Combo Pack - Good, Bad?

    The original 'black ss counters' kerfuffle? If nothing else, it was entertaining to follow :)
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    Max map size?

    Is there a maximum size in hexes that VASSAL will support? Im editing an existing module and the map is just open water, but it needs to be large to allow for movement over many turns.
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    VotG to RO

    I have a few aerials of stalingrad dl'd from but the site itself looks to be abandoned. The only pics I have which show the missing section of the RB map is small and of poor quality when zoomed in. Ive emailed the owner in the past but have not received any...
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    VotG to RO

    Do you have the DTW section in a file alone? I tried having a map elf convert the CH DTW map to VASL but the hex grids on the original map are are unworkable. I started making a VASL map, got a good photo onto a hex grid of the right scale and started hand drawing buildings....but its a LONG...
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    Red Barricades & Recon (11.622)

    For me, its not about if its worth the cost or not, its about if it will kill or indirectly cause to be killed, an equivalent # of CPP's of the enemies troops. Recon expenditure is a way to save your troops during an advance, so their may be some merit to the cost but generally I would rather...
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    Best maps in ASL

    RB is and will always be my favourite....even if it is incorrect lol. VotG took city boards to a new level with roofless buildings. To those that create and those who VASLize these maps, I cannot thank you enough.
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    Is this module project terminated? I havent heard anything in a few years.
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    Best Vehicle Names

    While not vehicles, when playing CG's allowing 2 snipers I often name my Snipers Bob and Doug, the McKenzie brothers from SCTV played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. I never have much luck with snipers, perhaps I should pick better names.
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    RBIII HIP on day1

    Personally, I max out on infantry first, always 2 coys... a rifle coy in res and the scripts up front as speed bumps to preserve your good troops, occasionally I'll go for dug in KV's but you have to know they are Stuka bait on day 2 should they survive day 1. Toys are nice but CG, RB...
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    should a HASL allow ahistorical actions in a CG?

    If it was possible, it should be allowed. In a RB CG, one could use an armoured blitz and grab the Commissars house on day 1 (holding it on day 2 is a different story). This goes against history but it adds an almost operational lvl tactics to the game. To me, this is the attraction of a CG, the...
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    VASL map layout and design question

    The links are all dead, white page with "NO REDIRECT"
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    VASL map layout and design question

    Im embarking on a long trip of sorts, morphing a photo onto a vasl hex grid and then doing the artwork all while using GIMP. Honestly, its not for the faint of heart but so far so good! Photo found, layered with a hex grid and somewhat lined up. Q1. As I understand it, in order for VASL program...
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    Dearest map elves....question for you

    Thanks. I just bought the module online so it'll likely be a couple weeks before it arrives.
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    Dearest map elves....question for you

    If I had the DTW map scanned... At this point Im uncertain if I can get it scanned locally but Im hopeful a) could someone VASL it to replace the VASL 3.0 era version we currently see? b) if someone is willing to do this, what file format is best for ya'll to work with? I dont need all the...
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    Island of Fire - Jason Mark

    In relation to the other buildings on the map, some of which have 5 floors, the Comm's house should be a 1st lvl building, the Comm's house is much closer in height to the row of one hex 1st lvl stone buildings on P Lenina street. Inside the building there is a ground floor and a second floor as...
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    Island of Fire - Jason Mark

    The map which comes with the book certainly shows a different look than we are accustomed to with the RB map. Mostly less roads, more railways, one RB factory is actually multiple buildings close together. We now know the Comm's house is actually a 1st lvl building, the x24, x21, z25 buildings...
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    Battle Hardening Choice

    8-0 to 8-1 for certain, more bang for your buck. The 9 ml unit also comes with the peril of a lltc/mc when stacked with 8 ml units. RB and other CG's are a game of accounting IMO. Kill ratio's and cpp kill ratios (for instance, a 6 CPP OBA has to kill, cause to be killed and/or save your own...
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    What are your ASL scenario plans this week?

    Heading back to Stalingrad myself, once again after a closely fought and bloody affair VotG CG1, this time its RBIII as the Germans using Leaflet House Rules. I think the LHR is a bit rough on the Germans with the 838's losing 2 DC and their 5 smoke exponent, but we'll see how it pans out.
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    Cant load v3 of RB map

    - VASL version 6.6.1 - Extension BFP_v431 (1) v4.3.1 loaded - Bad Data in Module: Unable to open board file bdRBv3 VASSAL version 3.5.8. Any idea what Im going wrong?