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  1. Robin Reeve

    New members introduce yourself here!

    Welcome back, Don ! Glad you survived that ordeal. Whether you start ASL again or not, what is essential is that you get the best of your life.
  2. Robin Reeve

    TEM vs DC attack into Factory?

    Anyway, I moved the thread here.
  3. Robin Reeve

    TEM vs DC attack into Factory?

    Done. Let's be gentle with newbies, though.
  4. Robin Reeve

    B20.93 Query

    The answer is no. See the Q&A Klas referred to.
  5. Robin Reeve

    VASL Scenario Setups?

    This is debated in another thread. When I am speaking of many notes and indications, it is more as multiple colour reminders, useless labels on units, etc. In short, an ugly Four-Seasons Pizza look.
  6. Robin Reeve

    TEM vs DC attack into Factory?

    The question was about from outside - but the Q&A also covers a DC placed from within - the Factory.
  7. Robin Reeve

    TEM vs DC attack into Factory?

    As the DC was placed from outside, the +3 TEM applies. There is a Q&A covering the situation:
  8. Robin Reeve

    VASL Scenario Setups?

    It depends how they are crafted. Some can be baroque, with notes and indications all over the place; others are stripped to Spartan standards. There should be some common rules for setup files submitted for tournaments. I personally like to craft my setups myself, as it helps me grasp some...
  9. Robin Reeve

    My FB/Messenger account has been hacked

    Hi all, Don't answer any Messenger message asking for your phone number. Sorry for the fuss. Robin
  10. Robin Reeve

    MMP Roads to Rangoon AP#19 now on Preorder

    Between basic and a doctorate, there must be some intermediary level. 😉 I would say that VC are more about boolean logics (AND, OR, XOR, IF, NOT) than plain mathematics.
  11. Robin Reeve

    SFF order of attacks

    It doesn't matter the order of the attacks.
  12. Robin Reeve


    Write to Xavier.
  13. Robin Reeve

    LFT#16 update

    Right. I had counted the pages, including the back pages.
  14. Robin Reeve

    Inf Gun

    Moved to the Rules & Errata folder, where it belongs.
  15. Robin Reeve

    LFT#16 update

  16. Robin Reeve

    LFT16 FT333 Good Enough? Question

    The setting of the scenario is a landing in New Guinea... But if PTO is not specified, PTO won't apply.
  17. Robin Reeve

    Victory Conditions: What's Your Flavor?

    As I am guilty as charged for having expressed my concern about circumvoluted VC, here is my point. I tend to shun VC which have numerous conditions, with different goals depending of the game turn. For an example, AP 38 Thai Hot has the following : or AP87 Empire's Fall: Nothing impossible...
  18. Robin Reeve

    MMP Roads to Rangoon AP#19 now on Preorder

    I hope that the VC won't be too circumvoluted - a "trademark" of Fort... But Burma is a theater of operations that fascinates me...
  19. Robin Reeve

    Human Wave and Predesignated Impulse Movement (A25.23 and D14.31)

    I however would presume that a Minefield would only attack when all the units of the HW have finished their Impulse movement (i.e. not separate attacks for each different unit entering the same Location)? I couldn't find a statement that covered that precise situation.