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    Beyond Valor v3 Question

    And what about the scenarios Another thing that makes the countersheet issue puzzling is the fact that the Finns were supposed to be taken out of BV. If that is still the case then what are the extra counters? More system counters so newbies don't run out? A different question I just...
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    What Would You Like to See in the Way of Scenarios?

    FSSF & 1 Can Para Bn I like the idea of a unit based scenario pack and being Canadian I would like to see an Action Pack or Mini-CG following the exploits of the First Special Service Force, The Black Devils. I think there is only a couple of "official" scenarios dealing with that unit...
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    Average Forum Age

    I'm part of the new guard being in the 20-30 catagory. But I did start from the original Squad Leader & gamettes so that counts for something right?
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    Loooking for VASL KGP CG 1 game

    Hey guys, I found this thread further down the "Opponents Wanted" forum. Kenmski must have caught his mistake and reposted the request. He also found an opponent and might have a full plate now. I PM'd him if he wanted to start...
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    US insignia on British vehicles--Why?

    AFAIK, all allied vehicles on the Western Front had a white star in a circle painted on them so that aliied airmen could tell that they were friendly. I copied the following from this website ( ): Air recognition Signs "In North West Europe for the...
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    ASL Journal/subscription?

    Jack, I started the endless subscription with J5 and as far as I can remember it cost me a total of $27.00 Cdn with airmail shipping! I highly recommend getting the subscription as you save some cash on the price of the Journal (I look at it as free shipping :))
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    Rulebook going to the printer

    New and Improved Binder? Keith, Has MMP put any thought into improving the binder that the rulebook comes in? I seem to see alot of people say the the 2nd Edition binder does not last that long. Maybe change it to a vinyl covered binder with D Rings? Just a thought. Anyway I'm glad to...
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    Care for HASL Maps

    I have my HASL maps laminated. However, you should unfold them well before getting them to the print/copy shop in order to work out the creases. A friend of mine had an incident with his ABTF map where the map folded a bit on the crease, while it was going thru the laminating machine, and now...
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    BV Reprint

    Keith, Is there a border like on the mounted versions or does that map art go right to the edge of the cardstock so that when you butt 2 or more maps up to eachother it creates a seamlessly larger map?
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    CoI/CoD and GI Anvil manuals wanted

    Not too sure at the moment what asking price I could put out there. I will need to check it over for completness and condition first. Will let you know. As far as trades go I am not just limited to ASL. If you have anything else feel free to give me an offer.
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    Starter Kits and veterans

    I've pre-ordered 3. 2 as gifts for a couple of friends of mine that are interested in ASL and one for me to use as a teaching tool. Plus I suspect that the scenarios will be fun to play anyway regardless of player experience :)
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    CoI/CoD and GI Anvil manuals wanted

    Les, I have a copy of Squad Leader that I can part with but I still need to keep the mapboards. I assume that you already have maps 1-4 for ASL anyway so that shouldn't be a problem? I suspect you have a fair amount of ASL stuff and possibly extras. If so we can do a trade or come to a...
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    Totally Squad Leader, but not

    Minaya. You can check out the Matrix Games Site for Steel Panthers World at War for more info. Here is the link:
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    Totally Squad Leader, but not

    Les, I have been playing SPWAW for just over a year now. You may have seen my name over at the matrix games forum. Anyway, I played Guards Counterattack for SPWAW 7.1 when I first downloaded it and thought that it was the closest thing to ASL for a PC game. If I remember correctly I...
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    MMP and their business plan question/s....

    Same here Loquitor. I was only able to get into ASL after finding out that a friends buddy haden't played the game in years and it was collecting dust in his closet. I made him an offer and was able to get the ASLRB, BV, Para, Yanks and TLH, plus the old Squad Leader and some boards from the SL...
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    A little slow

    Are you looking for more help inperticular? I've got some HTML/webpage experience and would be willing to help out. Since most of my wargaming is with ASL (although I do play PC wargames) I'll even review a free copy of "Armies of Oblivion" :)
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    Would you buy this?

    From what I am understanding, the Starter Packs are going to follow this principle. While retaining the superior realism of ASL. However, since MMP has the original Squad Leader listed on thier webpage, would that not indicate that Hasbro has already given MMP the control over that title?
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    ASL Journal #5 by Christmas?

    All Right!!!! My copy of J5 was in the mail today. Having gotten J3 a month ago I now have to find 1, 2 & 4. J2 will be harder since it is OOP and there is a store in the next town that has J1 & J4. Thanks alot MMP for getting it out the door as a Christmas gift to all the subscribers. You...
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    ASLRBv2s In Dallas

    I am also looking for a copy of GH. Would you be willing to make a deal before putting them on EBay? If so e-mail me. Thanks.
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    Journal 2 Counters

    Belisarius, this site has a godd listing of what are in J2 and more. I have also downloaded a scan of the countersheet (but can't remember from where) If you want it just send me an email.