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    AAR: In Harm's Way [Spoiler Alert]

    Thanks for the AAR Herman. Very glad you seemed to enjoy it. Filter back on:)
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    Preferred Screen Resolution

    1024 by 768. Although to be honest I didn't really prefer it but had to use it at somepoint. Sorta annoyed by the fact that not all apps are the same although probably more pressing concerns in life.:D
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    Is Moore's Law dead?

    Probably not just yet. Good to note that as the price is dropping, processing power doubling and size decreasing the cost of research and development is rising. Assume at one point this might contribute to a practical limit of Moore's as many units will need to be sold to meet cost;)
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    AAR: Gatekeeper (from the HC Demo)

    wonderful AAR :D
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    AAR: Crisis in the Med [Spoiler Alert]

    Agreed. Baiting and Flaming should probably stop.
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    AAR: Franco's Folly [Spoiler Alert]

    Sigh..the usual drivel. Back and forth..back and forth..Looks like my lawn needs cutting soon :laugh: Looking under the hood is probably a bad idea although nothing stopping anybody from doing it.If you are you're really just cheating yourself out of the experience. Doing research is a...
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    AAR: Franco's Folly [Spoiler Alert]

    This thread screams...."LOCK ME!" Seriously if I get a wiff of cheating on turn the page and ignore.
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    Herman I've given you and Frans the URL of where to seek help and support. I've even started the process on this list tonight. You want to continue the bs..fine...but expect no further response as the trollish nature of it is obvious.
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    I don't think its appropriate to state or allude that AGSI is purposefully ignoring user support requests. Not because its been a big part of my job (which is why I assume he said it) but because its untrue! I can tell you right now both games are the products of the wishes of Harpooner's and...
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    Franz you need help please email or go to and post. Real sorry but doesn't seem like the place to offer support.
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    I don't really think evoking the moderator is really a point of leverage or very appropriate. Submitting bug reports to AGSI is as they are the guys that will fix it :laugh:
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    Hi Frans, Please email your scenario and will be more than happy to check it out. I need to know the database and database version you are working with and it was ever rebuilt from an older db version (that version number too please). Could you also check the file sizes to see if there is any...
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    Community Scenario development and Testing Forum

    Oh no not again. :cheeky:
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    New Scenario Idea: Russia to power Iranian Nuclear plants

    Right on :cheeky:
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    New Scenario Idea: Russia to power Iranian Nuclear plants

    Yes down to the last millimeter :laugh:
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    New Scenario Idea: Russia to power Iranian Nuclear plants

    Another idea is that the French have decided to spearhead the initiative. They've taken ownership of the problem so their forces are deployed to support. US is pretty stretched and really any other commitment could make that situation viable. If you want really be concerned with anything just...
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    New Scenario Idea: Russia to power Iranian Nuclear plants

    Oh don't the conversation was really that deep. Honestly think it was far more interesting than anything we have had to talk about at the time. Didn't really expect it to end up posted up at the warfare HQ...but hey its content :laugh: Herman's more or less right. Its just a story line :nuts:
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    Option Files Option files that must always be used with the DB2000: - DSCFixThermalLayer.opt (fixes thermal layer) - DSCNoRandomFringeRadar.opt (removes a random radar range bug) Option files that can be used: - UseNukes.opt (this file grants...
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    My scenarios

    Well even if they are not hostile they are still Boghammars. Given there are no known neutral Boghammars in the region most players will deduce their intent (particularly if you have a gaggles of them crossing over 100nm toward any known surface group). My suggestion is to add some neutral...
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    New Community Scenario development and Testing Forum

    Could be your problem as well. This scenario was and is built with 6.5.25 (three versions over the past week). If you used 6.5.24 the scenario definitely should have crashed as some major changes have been made. If you look in the string you see a link for the right DB which I've been updating...