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  1. StevedethHOB

    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    Hey can someone contact me concerning getting a local map uploaded. Playtest time! it used to work with older versions but can't get it going now. Thanks
  2. StevedethHOB

    HoB still in business?

    Thanks. Catching up on a few things I missed with action packs, but I did read through the Tarawa gamers guide, very fun!
  3. StevedethHOB

    HoB still in business?

    Hello all, this is Steve from HOB. I recently retired from my corporate job of 30 years. The last three were very challenging with my management situation and the last 8 or so with my responsibilities. Thus not lots of time for ASL. but I am back. Will be working on some things and hope to be...