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    Hex Scale Question

    I got a response back from Scott saying that it's on the ADC wishlist and within their capabilities, just a matter of finding time - gives some hope at least :)
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    Hex Scale Question

    I think it's in ADC2 - was looking through the map creation novel (I mean tutorial) the other night and it gets referenced there. It would be great for the product if they moved to a different way of creating maps (like using DEM data). I emailed Scott to that effect today, but not sure if...
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    Feedback requested for POA-2

    A couple of things that would be helpful - similar to some of the above of that have been mentioned in other threads: Display of spotting by unit - could be similar to the LOS button so that you would click on the tool, then click on the unit and see which enemy units it can detect/see/target...
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    Wierd targeting in Build 140?

    Rob, what level FOW were you playing at? - supposedly POA2 does model friendly fire, so it's possible that there was some confusion. Can you try the same scenario at a lower level of FOW? Just some ideas, Will
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    How do we pull in new members to TacOps?

    Tacops/POA2 - Marginally OT Make sure you are current on the status of POA2 before you shell out for it (check the forums) - it is much more stable now than it was, but still must be considered a beta (just a warning ;) ). Caveat emptor! I play both and think they each have different things...
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    Fixes in the non-public versions (Current build: 2.3.65)

    Build 150 is up. The enhancement and fix list is getting shorter each build!
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    Id like to get POA-2 but...

    It could be video card related. I run POA on a 2.66 Ghz P4 laptop with 1.37 GB of RAM and no issues for scrolling - the RAM is a recent upgrade from 512KB and I didn't have any scrolling issues even then.
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    Fixes in the non-public versions (Current build: 2.3.65)

    Public version 140 posted - haven't had a chance to evaluate much, although it did fix a specific error I was getting. Will
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    Meeting Engagements

    Has anyone tried to model a meeting engagement in POA2? If you set both Red and Blue forces to a variant of attack (Major, Minor or Feint), the number of victory objectives available to each side is disabled. I would have expected it to be actually enabled for both sides, reflecting differing...
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    Build 130 - comments

    Any setting - from the default all the way down to 0. I'll check out the CC side of things tonight. Will
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    Build 130 - comments

    With regard to the CAS issue, I created a custom scenario including an aircraft flight. When I assigned it a target, the FO staff officer showed 16 seconds out. When resolving the combat phase, the game hung during the CAS phase. No error, but no resolution either. I had a similar issue with...
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    Javelin ATGM

    Procurement On the other hand, it doesn't leave your supply at the mercy of changes in international politics -- (e.g. "I don't like what you're doing in XXX, so no more missile reloads for you") :D