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    New members introduce yourself here

    I still haven't figured out the 'exact' differences.... though I think I know the rules better now than I did back in the day. (I'm a returning player myself) Welcome back!! Javaslinger
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    Is DYO popular?

    I remember back in the day, in my first ASL coming of age, my buddy and I used to play a lot of DYO quick battles. We enjoyed being able to pick our own forces and try to outsmart each other in our force mixes. Often they didn't turn out too balanced, but that was part of the challenge...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    It doesn't get any meatier that's for sure! Welcome! Javaslinger
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Returning guy.... Been out of action for nearly 15 years.. sold my stuff 8 years ago.... (I know, for shame... I had EVERYTHING).... So I used to play some folks in the Virginia Beach and Newport News area that I think may even still be around. Wow, I'll be they can really kick my arse...