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  1. Tamerlan

    New eASLRB version released

    Same for me with 2.01
  2. Tamerlan

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    The Fight for Seoul and From the Cellar #9, both fine products from Le Franc Tireur.
  3. Tamerlan

    What is this symbol?

    The Napoleon counter was missing in the original CdG. Will it at last appear in this new version?
  4. Tamerlan

    More Heretical Rules: No Fair DRs

    EXCEPTION: ASLers who do not wear dresses suffer a +2 DRM on the unfair DR and +1drm on the unfair dr. EXCEPTION to the exception: Scottish ASLers do not suffer that DRM/drm.
  5. Tamerlan

    New members introduce yourself here

    Hi from Paris, France. I started playing wargames in 1981, with the games published in the Jeux & Stratégies magazine, Panzer Leader and Squad Leader (quickly followed by the other three gamettes), and also D&D and AD&D. Then other wargames (WS&IM, Cry Havoc, Gulk Strike, etc.) and Call of...
  6. Tamerlan

    Is there any news/rumour about Hollow Legions?

    I had read somewhere (maybe here or CSW) that the new version of HL would include a HASL, as CdG v2 does. Something about Ethiopia if I remember correctly. Any information about this?
  7. Tamerlan

    More Heretical Rules: No Fair DRs

    What if the colored die is < the white die but their total is > 7? We obviously need a Perrysays there.
  8. Tamerlan

    ASL Deluxe Redux

    Thanks. I just had a look. Their prices seem quite high, including shipping to France. I think I'll stay with my local e-shops, knowing that ASL products always make their pre-order numbers; it's just a question of waiting ;-)
  9. Tamerlan

    ASL Deluxe Redux

    For us wargamers who live in Europe, it is more expensive to pre-order and then pay for shipping costs and customs than to purchase in a regular european shop when the game is available. Assuming that Europeans are 25-30% of the ASL audience, MMP should probably take that into account for their...