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    Starter Kit Scenario 1 "Retaking Vierville"

    Well this was my first game ever. I have to say I had a load of fun but I dread that "hump" where the game may become too complicated and I dont like it anymore. I hope vehicles are not that tough! Whatever we didnt know, we looked up in the ASL Bible! Clearly explained we would figure it...
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    Newbie looking for VASSAL live play for ASL Starter or local Chicago Burbs

    I currently play Flames of War, Fighting Formations, Combat Commander and others like Flying Colors or SPQR. Still learning Advanced Squad Leader I am however most interested in getting into ASL after all these years of being afraid to try it. I have skype, ventrilo, and am available most...
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    Massive VASL errors when synching to a game need help please

    When I connect to a VASSAL game of ASL to sync and watch ( I am brand new, just got the ASL Starter Kit 1) I get a heap of extension errors. I was wondering where to get a majority of these: (I am using VASL 5.9.2) This game was saved with extension '3d6' loaded. You do not have this...
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    John Tiller’s Tunisia ’43 After Action Report

    "S of Tebourba, Dec 6th 1943: Both sides wanted to resume their offensives but it was the Germans who struck first. They moved part of 10PzD south of the Medjeda river in preparation for an attack along both sides of the river. First of all the Jebel el Guessa had to be cleared as it afforded...
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    John Tiller Feedback results posted

    Main story A while back John Tiller asked his gamers to provide him with feedback on what they would like to see in his wargames. You can read about that here: Those results have finally been posted over on the main...
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    Map Mods releases massive updates for all Panzer Campaign titles Map Mods website, the site that hosts files to modify maps and counters for some HPS Sims titles, has updated their content for Sicily ’43 and France ’14. Along with that ALL MODS for each Panzer Campaign game have been updated for the following reasons...
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    HPS Civil War Antietam gameplay footage

    Shot some footage with FRAPS so that potential players could see how the game plays Its on my YouTube channel at above link
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    Kupyansk - The Trials & Tribulations of 298th Infantry Division

    Hmm that is a good question. It SHOULD do so, reducing the chance to get low ammo removed. But all I could find was this Supply Determination When supply issues are being resolved for a unit in a given hex, the Local Supply Value that applies to that hex is used. If there are no Supply...
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    Kupyansk - The Trials & Tribulations of 298th Infantry Division

    Losses are the big thing. If you lose expensive units, the enemy can still almost beat you. Also cutting off supply will make a unit start to become low on ammo and not be able to fire. Isolation is also a big one as a unit will become steadily worse. When you look at the victory point screen...
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    2010 was a great year for wargaming

    While other genres didn't shine so much I took a look back at what DID work for PC wargaming Have a great new year all! Our New Years Resolution will be to pick up the slack in terms of computer wargaming videos that are out there so that we can show...
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    American Civil War Shiloh AAR: Forrest Fights!

    American Civil War Shiloh AAR: Forrest Fights! Originally to be posted on: Blunt Force Gamer Wargaming blog This is an early treat to the AAR DEPOT visitors as I have not posted this on my wargaming blog yet. Enjoy! (What If) Nathan Bedford Forrest drives with his cavalry to scout the...
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    France 40 Maastricht AAR

    Updated with new link to full AAR
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    Going back to school…or was it getting schooled: JT’s Campaign Series AAR

    A fortress called “Hoornwerk”was built to protect the lock in the Grebbe river. In 1939 with the treat of war on the doorstep, the Dutch hastily tried to improve and modernise the old line. Pillboxes and bunkers were added and a motor powered pumping station near the Rhine was being build to...
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    France ’40 AAR: The Battle of Abbeville, the Second day

    Today’s history lesson and Panzer Campaigns After Action Report comes from Abbeville France. Below is the scenario debriefing. The scenario is 12 turns long. The full AAR is on my wargaming site, with pictures, but here is a all text cut and paste: I...
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    What do folks know about Campaign 1776?

    I am looking for a Rev War game and it is slim pickings. You either have Birth of America 2, Campaign 1776 or For Liberty! Tough call, but I dont like the way For Liberty plays. Birth of America 2 is cool, but I want hexes and units on the map that look like miniatures Is Campaign 1776...
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    France 40 Maastricht AAR

    Since I just got the series started (yes I am behind 10 years) I started with small scenarios, printed out the rulebook and tried to get my head around how to play the game. READ THE FULL AAR HERE: My first AAR is a famous occurrence in WW2 and that is...
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    Question about assaults and recovery in France 40

    or any Panzer Campaigns for that matter I notice that when I assault in the game, and perhaps decide to cancel the assault, the enemy gets to take free shots at me. Does canceling an assault count as an action then? Lastly, what method do you all use to recover fatigued units or units...