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  1. Walt Kenney

    West of Alamein scenarios.

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  2. Walt Kenney

    BFP-107 AFV question

    Don't be too sure
  3. Walt Kenney

    Demo charges

    Half squad with a demo and a half squad with FT in the same hex or adjacent hexes ( in a perfect world) ? I think two half squads with that much capabilities is too tempting a target not to draw maximum fires.
  4. Walt Kenney

    Demo charges

    I get the following uses for a Demo Charge: 1. Bullet magnet so I can attack elsewhere 2. Set charge to suprise the Attacker 3. Have a half squad or a low rated leader 'move out and draw fire' 4. AFV destroyer 5. Hope #3 gets lucky and can survive all kinds of fire and destroy the...
  5. Walt Kenney

    Its nice to be back!

    There is balance in the Universe again.