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    Overlay Bundle Updates?

    I'm just curious about this one because I own all the overlays except the ones I don't! Which sadly are from Journal 4 & AP 2 (as I suspect a lot of folks!). I've now run into scenarios that need those and I'm kinda bummed I have to wait for this mythical reprint to happen! :( Here's hoping...
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    FKaC Full British OOB?

    Does FKaC contain the full OOB or is WoA still the definitive OOB for the Brits? I'm trying to decide what counters I need to include in the mix from WoA with the new FKaC and which ones I can return to my overflow storage containers.
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    ASL Game Night at The Gamer's Armory

    It's official! The Triangle in NC now has a regular game night for ASL. Join in on the 2nd & 4th Monday of every month at The Gamer's Armory in Cary, NC from 5-9pm for face-to-face ASL gaming. The official flier with dates and directions is attached to this message. Scott's online...
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    [NC] Raleigh/Cary ASLers?

    I've heard there are ASLers in the Raleigh/Cary area.... Anyone up for a game? I'm new, so if you're not into helping a new guy out...a game with me right now might not be a great fit. It will be at some point. I'm not new to wargaming, just ASL. I'm looking for all the help I can get...