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  1. Jeffery

    Meat-Meats Attack

    Just lately acquired map T, so was able to play the last remaining scenario from this issue. It was a thrill. The game came down to the final melee DR. If it went for the Belgians, they had 4 level 3 hexes and victory, if not, only 2 and the Italians won. The Belgians got it in hand to hand...
  2. Jeffery

    Dispatch #57 was transmitted today.

    I played a couple of these. "Pipkorn's Attempt" is especially good. Those late arriving Russian reinforcements were lifesavers. From a single playing it seems a tight contest.
  3. Jeffery

    New Red Banner released...

    This was new to me. I spot checked the issues. They look really good. I've downloaded them all.
  4. Jeffery

    Dispatches from the Bunker early 2024 Update

    How is #57 developing? I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Jeffery

    East Front - maps, overlays, scenarios

    "Really had intended to discuss whether there's interest in East Front scenarios " Always interested, from 1941 to 1945.
  6. Jeffery

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    "stay sticky" Having only recently acquired them, I'm not in a position to say for sure right now. They adhere tightly, but come off easily. They are returned to the backing they came on when not in use. I suspect making a point of that will lengthen their lifespan. They're not too...
  7. Jeffery

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Another sheet with streams and railroads would make it perfect.
  8. Jeffery

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    The basics describes them well: woods, brush, grain, orchards, hedges, marsh, buildings.
  9. Jeffery

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    The sticky overlays are fabulous. I've often shied away from scenarios with too many overlays, because even under plexiglass I couldn't keep them all straight. No longer a problem. I'll pile them on!
  10. Jeffery

    New Scenarios for the LFT Arid Maps

    The maps from LFT 15 remain my favorite productions in many a year. I played all of the scenarios provided, which is rare for me. I think these maps demand a supplementary scenario pack. I really want to see more scenarios based on these. I almost never buy bare bones scenario packs (without...
  11. Jeffery

    Dispatch #55 being transmitted today.

    Played Pothus Bridge. The Brits blew the bridge. Germans won on points with their flanking attack, but they had to claw there way every inch forward. That was a good one.
  12. Jeffery

    Contested Lands (1948 Arab Israeli) module

    I would enormously look forward to a solid (and no political overtones) Spanish Civil War set. Incredibly varied terrain and unit types. Pre-WWII interests me much more than post-WWII.
  13. Jeffery

    Dispatch #55 being transmitted today.

    I'd fallen behind of DftB. I'm just getting caught up, having played Ma'qil Melee. Great fun! Looking forward to The Last Day and Pothus Bridge.
  14. Jeffery

    Le Franc Tireur 15

    Amazing magazine and maps, virtually a brand new module. A fine, varied selection of scenarios on those magnificent maps. I hope to see many more scenarios using them. By the way: one scenario requires an LFT map that I presume is not currently available. Any chance of it being produced...
  15. Jeffery

    Manila questions

    Deliver us From Evil: SF6 On the scenario card, the playable area marked in red on the little map doesn't match the area defined by hex rows and columns. The little map seems to show a much smaller area. I wonder if I should just ignore the little map. Whichever is correct can make a...
  16. Jeffery

    Crucible of Steel

    The Germans have fought their way into July 11th, a tough struggle all the way. Advancing up the "Obian Highway," they quickly took the lightly defended first VP building, with the Russians regrouping according to plan around the remaining two. Here the defense held firm, inflicting serious...
  17. Jeffery

    Crucible of Steel

    July 8th is done. In the "Early Morning Action" the SS won with a methodical advance, but it was incredibly close, with victory determined on the last roll of the last turn. The Germans had to destroy the holdout Russians in a series of melees. They did so, yet every melee ended in an...
  18. Jeffery

    Drive For St. Lo TM (CG)

    "Hell's Highway 2nd Edition Module " I'm intrigued. Why a second edition?
  19. Jeffery

    Crucible of Steel

    Four more scenarios in the bag, which took me through July 7th. "Panzer Regiment Rothenberg" fared quite well, despite considerable losses, sweeping through the Russian left where the defenders counted on an ambush with their powerful AA gun, only it broke on the first shot! PRR then clinched...
  20. Jeffery

    Crucible of Steel

    Since my first report I have played 10 more scenarios from this set, continuing in their number (and chronological) order. My pleasure with CoS remains high. Most clashes ended in hard-fought German victories, often coming down to the final turn. There have been three exceptions. "Iron...