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  1. Jeff Leslie

    OBA flowchart question

    Yes I actually Googled usage of the word "nor". ...That depends on what your definition of the word "is" is... William Jefferson Clinton
  2. Jeff Leslie

    OBA flowchart question

    I'm on the FFE:2 page of the OBA Flowchart. Top box: I do not wish to cancel the FFE:2, so I follow the "No" path out of that box. Next box after "No" above: -- The observer DOES NOT have LOS to Base Level of FFE hex. -- The observer DOES have LOS to Blast Height of FFE hex, BUT -- The...
  3. Jeff Leslie

    Field Phone Security Area & terrain Blaze

    Well, if you want to inject reality into ASL - I used to see reels of WD-1 wire that you would run out and hook up and the line was dead because somewhere the wire had a kink or a short in it. Not surprising when you use and reuse something like that over and over again over several years or...
  4. Jeff Leslie

    Field Phone Security Area & terrain Blaze

    Does a terrain blaze in a Field Phone Security Area kill the wire connection? I would assume it does, but #1 I don't assume anything with ASL and #2, I couldn't find anywhere that actually says it. The Blaze was created by spread, not from an attack on the hex in question.
  5. Jeff Leslie

    A few AT Minefield questions

    The first 2 questions are more protocol questions than anything. As everyone knows, playing ASL via PBEM (maybe not everyone if you've never played PBEM) is a bit different than a FtF game as far as the flow of things. I play a lot of PBEM but new things pop up all the time to make me wonder how...
  6. Jeff Leslie

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post map errors, but here goes anyways. I've noticed that the LOS thread on the current Red October map is a couple pixels off. Looks like 1 up and 1 left of dead center.
  7. Jeff Leslie

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    In your second sentence you answered the question I had upon reading your first sentence and that was how much of a presence did ASL have. I noticed at ASLOK that pretty much everyone there was a Greybeard (myself included...). It seems like ASL isn't attracting the younger players like it did...
  8. Jeff Leslie

    AP Mines in a Bridge/Gully hex

    I found a couple other posts reference this topic but they didn't answer my question below. Situation: AP Mines are in a hex where a printed Bridge spans a Gully. The picture in the rulebook under B6. Bridges of hex 5Z9 is a perfect example of the hex in question. The mines were previously...
  9. Jeff Leslie

    Vassal 3.7.0 Released

    I'm happy to report that VASL 6.6.7beta7 with VASSAL 3.7.1 appears to have solved the moved flag issue and so far is working with no errors. The chat delay is also gone but I think that was solved prior to this combination.
  10. Jeff Leslie

    Dash and Hidden Minefields

    @ScottRomanowski I agree. Another case of how you sometimes have to break down a rule into parts to extract what the rule allows you to do, forces you to do, or prohibits you from doing. ASL is definitely an exercise in reading comprehension.
  11. Jeff Leslie

    Dash and Hidden Minefields

    A4.63 goes on to say... "must end its MPh in the non-Open Ground Location it Dashed to (unless it becomes berserk, pinned, broken or wounded in the road Location, or otherwise unable to enter the Dashed-to Location, in which case Dash benefits immediately cease)". It's the part about "otherwise...
  12. Jeff Leslie

    Dash and Hidden Minefields

    If a unit declares dash across an unpaved road hex and discovers a Hidden Minefield in the road hex and survives the subsequent attack unscathed, is the Dashing unit compelled to complete the Dash or can it cancel the dash in the minefield hex (thus immediately losing Dash benefits in the road hex)?
  13. Jeff Leslie

    Improbable/Critical hits

    The type of fire used is also a determining factor as to how a roll of 2 would be handled. Robin's example above is only applicable to Area/Vehicle Target Types or with an LATW using its own TH table. If using the Infantry Target Type, then the second part of C3.7 applies. Note that if using the...
  14. Jeff Leslie

    Improbable/Critical hits

    An Improbable Hit can only be possible if the modifiers make the final To Hit impossible even by rolling a 2 - in other words you would need to roll a 1 or less to hit, which cannot be done with two dice. If a hit can be achieved by actually rolling a 2 or better, then the rules for Improbable...
  15. Jeff Leslie

    Improbable/Critical hits

    Assuming that the only possibility of a hit is in fact with an Improbable Hit, then that is what you are rolling for and it is handled per C3.6. If the 2nd subsequent dr (i.e. - a 1) results in a CH, then you handle it as a CH. Any other result is a normal hit.
  16. Jeff Leslie

    VASL6.6.7-beta2.vmod released

    Now I get a new error with VASSAL 3.7.0 and VASL 6.6.7beta5... Moved pieces do not get the "Moved" flag when I move them, even though I have the box checked "Show when pieces have been marked as moved". Even when I edit the main map display to say "Always" mark pieces as moved (as opposed to...
  17. Jeff Leslie

    VASL6.6.7-beta2.vmod released

    It appears that VASSAL 3.7.0 combined with VASL 6.6.7beta5 have solved the chat stutter problem.
  18. Jeff Leslie

    It's Official! The Arnhem ASL Tournament is back!

    I'd like to make it to this one. ASL and a European Vacay!
  19. Jeff Leslie

    ASLOK 2023 update.

    I only live 40 min away so I'll most likely commute every day. I'm planning on coming early Saturday 30 Sep but if it looks like there are enough early arrivals Friday the 29th or even earlier, my schedule is pretty open and I can come up any day. One of the perks of being retired!
  20. Jeff Leslie

    B6.3 & B6.31 Bridge TEM application

    When they had it in the rules that it was a -1 TEM if fire came down the road, my assumption was that they were treating it similar to a Runway or Wide City Boulevard so that you would get a -3 if FFMO/FFNAM also applied.