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  1. Geoff White


    Ordered earlier this evening, waiting for X to get back with the details. G
  2. Geoff White

    Opinions Wanted on City Block idea

    Good idea. Why not incorporate the existing colours which are used on the Levels counters on the staircase dots? G
  3. Geoff White

    Your experiences/difficulties with the Oregon Laminations 2mm Deluxe Corner Rounder (C006)?

    I've been using one for the past few months without any problems and no lost counters. It's worth noting that the reviews on Amazon across the last two years seem to be very positive with one exception from last December. G
  4. Geoff White

    Which would you pick up?

    The Sten? Described by George MacDonnald Fraser in his book, Safely Quartered Out Here, on his time in the Burma Campaign as - "the plumber's nightmare". Enough said. G
  5. Geoff White

    Counter OCD

    [SNIP] Nice one, regarding "carnival or circus locations". Any thoughts for AFV rules on this?
  6. Geoff White

    Counter OCD

    SSR: Squads can never get Concealment or HIP, but Leaders always get Winter Camouflage. G
  7. Geoff White

    ASL for Fun

    Thanks for the update (and work). I hadn't spotted these on your website before. G
  8. Geoff White

    ITR 2 Preorder

    Any idea what the new counters are? G
  9. Geoff White

    Dinant HASL

    Green Houses? New terrain type? -1 TEM. +1 Hinderance (only when tomatoes are in season). :) G
  10. Geoff White


    Thanks Xavier, now I can continue to dream of a mini Stalingrad in the jungle again. G
  11. Geoff White

    Da Paul Challenge

    Re: Da Paul Challenge ATRs Could you elaborate on ". . .and were more exciting to use"? Just curious. G
  12. Geoff White

    THe Olympics

    Hey, speak for yourself. Anyway, "Enland" isn't in the Olympics. Good luck to GB, I am enjoying sitting here watching it on tv and sorting through old issues of The General for ASL stuff. G