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    Dorsosh vs Elvis The never ending story

    I can't recall which book I read discussing German tank deployment (dim memory is whispering Death of the Leaping Horseman) that mentioned that the unit considered the minimum mandatory deployment to be a pair of tanks (the smallest size for a zug). I've taken to thinking of it as Leader/Wingman...
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    I'm moving to Saskatoon

    I've accepted a position in Saskatoon and will be moving the first week of November 2010. Anyone know Saskatoon gamers, especially ASL players? Gerry Proudfoot is the only one I remember being out that way. I'll start quizzing the BGG Saskatoon folks, too. Brent Pollock
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    VotG1 & CGs - Ferry Landing Interdiction and Smoke/FFE Hindrance

    I've just sent the following message off to Tom Morin. I'll post the reply to the Q&A sticky once I have received it. --------- Tom, I’ve tried searching/perusing the Gamesquad site for an answer with no luck, so I’m going straight to you. We’re nearing the end of our First Bid playing, and...
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    Anecdotal support for effectiveness of 'track' armour on Shermans

    While doing my watchkeeping shift today at the local Military Museum, I read this article: ...which has anecdotal evidence that the track pieces welded onto Shermans did work to prevent penetrations...albeit as a temporary...
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    Breach does not nullify VotG CG5 nor V12.608

    >Does a breach in the Fortified Location nullify the set up restrictions for Guns (CG5) or AFVs (V12.608)? No. ....Perry MMP
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    No extra MF for DC vs PB

    > Q. (A23.3 & B30.4) Does a unit trying to Place a DC against a pillbox have to pay the extra 1 MF for pillbox entry? No. ....Perry MMP
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    A12.11 & B28.411 vs stack with Dummies & non-Dummies

    Q. A12.11 - If a stack about to be attacked by a minefield contains Dummies and at least one 'non-Dummy' unit, what happens to the Dummy units? Are they removed before the attack or do they get attacked with a ML of 7, only being removed if they suffer a PTC/MC as per A12.14 & B28.411...