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    to anyone with patience :)

    I do not do live games as they put me to sleep but if you want a PBEM game I am more than willing to do one on VASL. Commissar Piotr "The only one ever that have been beaten by Sam Belcher"
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    CC and DRMs

    A.5 is what you ar looking for I would say. Also note that your two squads may not attack once each against a lone defender since a unit may only attack/be-attacked once in CCPh [EXC: if vehicles is involved since they can be attacked multiple times].
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    Armored Assault and Bog when outgoing from a hex.

    In Armored Assault the AFV takes a Bog check to cross a Bocage hexside after both the Infantry and AFV have declared their MF/MP to cross the hexside and enter the next hex but Bogs and so stays in the hex exited. My question is thusly, do the Infantry have to cross the hexside now without the...
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    VASL dice bot...

    Sam have stated: "There is nothing wrong with the dice bot" Peter have stated: "There is something wrong with the dice bot" Rodney Kinney have stated: "There might be a hardware problem with the dice bot" Why not just shut up and play the game with or without the dice bot as we agree on, I...
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    C5.11 Restricted CA

    See answer in the Perry Sez folder. You might still be surprisd Brian W. (Nice meeting you at ASLOK by the way)
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    C5.11 Restricted CA

    I wonder wether the CA restriction is in effect even if a Tank fires it's CMG out from a woods/building/rubble hex. No, unless the CMG is the MA. In other words, after taking such a shot, may the tank change it's TCA to fire the MA in another CA ? Yes. ....Perry MMP
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    C5.11 Restricted CA

    Hi Guys A question for you. I wonder wether the CA restriction is in effect even if a Tank fires it's CMG out from a woods/building/rubble hex. In other words, after taking such a shot, may the tank change it's TCA to fire the MA in another CA ? As usual I would like to get rule/errata/Q&A...
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    AoO Question, Spanish 250th Blue Division

    In the scenarios I have seen them depicted I recall they was represented by German 4-6-8 Squads and I think that is the represantation they will have. IOW, not depicted in AoO and no new counters for them in AoO. That is a good thing, ASL do ot need more counters for obscurities.
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    ADC 2 looks pretty nice and works fine for PBeM games using it but it needs some tweaking even in the professionally made modules to work real good, especially to use the Fog of War games in The Gamers games.
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    OCS games

    I would say that Tunisia is the best OCS game to start out with to get the feel of the system. Take the advice given in the rulebook on important things to do in OCS very seriously. You should probably start with a smaller scenario cause the Surprise effects and Supply system can be a real...
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    OCS games

    For what it is worth. I think the TCS game system do have a nice basic idea but when it comes to actual play it lacks a lot and I personally found that so annoying that I alltogether quit the series as a whole. For background and historical interest I think the series is great but at portraying...
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    OCS games

    The gamers OCS and SCS I both highly reccommend. I think it is very nice maps with very nice counters. The rules for both systems works very well and as far as I know in a good way shows the possibilities and reflects the way the different armies was fighting. I have enjoyed all of their games...
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    ASL-turnering i Uppsala denna helg!

    Another informed statement by the priest. It is swedish. Another point to consider is that a big part of the USA was actually founded by the Frech so if you do not like it I can accomodate you a small cage on a island just outside of sweden. It is very pleasant and you will be allowed to honor...
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    Critical Hit

    I canot agree more with Jeff on this. CH products suck so do not buy their junk. Peter Rogneholt
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    Stockholm Tournament AARs

    Gentlemen, This is a pure newbie AAR, so enjoy! I went to Stockholm to participate in my very first ASL tournament with one goal only - to lay my hands on the consolation price, well aware of my lack of rules knowledge and lousy tactics. My experience so far was three or four (lost) games ftf...
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    Stockholm Tournament AARs

    Hellohello! As promised, I also have an AAR for the LOGCON tournament that was organised in Stockholm last weekend. The organisers were Melvin Falk and Peter Rogneholt, and with Peter being a regular VASL PBEM opponent of mine, I decided to give it a go. Especially since air fares to...
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    Stockholm Tournament AARs

    Hi all, Here is an AAR of the First Stockholm ASL tournament which was during the last weekend. This one was kinda obligatory trip for me, since I had continuously given hard time to the Swedish ASL players I've met about organizing a tournament (we can do it in Finland they have been doing it...
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    Here is is !!!!!!

    Hi Very nice site, especially the menu portion. Even better if pirated as they price stuff far too expensive anyway. Peter
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    Icehocke World Championships

    A big CONGRATS to the fantastic Canadian Team in the Championships. You definitely deserved the game but can you please get the puck into the net more clearly next time ? Peter
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    PF Madness from ASLML

    PF Madness It is still fully possible to fire a PF with a Squad with a SW that is both marked First Fired in DFPH. Perry's post on the ASLML let us know that is not the intention of the rule and so agrees the majority of the ASL Community (as much of it that I know of anyway). The problem is...