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  1. Abe

    Guns and fortifications

    Great. Thank you.
  2. Abe

    Guns and fortifications

    I’m a bit confused as to how many levels of fortification I need to put a gun in a second level building hex. Would it be 2 or 3? Apologies if this has been asked before.
  3. Abe

    Red October VASL map?

    Nice! Love your work.
  4. Abe

    Red October VASL map?

    Any news on the RF VASL maps?
  5. Abe

    Broken Ground Design: Pre-order pricing closes Jan. 31st

    Congratulations!! Just by chance I was listening to your 2 half squads interview the other day and as a sometime LEGO builder with anxiety I could totally relate. Well done for a remarkable achievement. Any chance of a close-up of some of the counters?
  6. Abe

    Raise your hand if you have not played a scenario from the Forgotten War module

    I haven’t because I’m only just graduating from starter kit.
  7. Abe

    Rulebook binding. Stood the test of time?

    I’ve used slide bar binders for each seperate chapter and keep them in a magazine box. I just pull the chapter I need out when I need it.
  8. Abe

    Do you ever lose your temper while playing ASL?

    Have never lost my temper. I don’t think I would experience it from myself or opponent as it would mean that it had been some time since fun was being had. Time is too valuable for that. You can either treat it as a game or a puzzle (or a bit of both). I prefer playing it as a game. Winning...
  9. Abe


    Judd Vance did a great tutorial of Empire of the Sun using vassal log files. One of the best learning resources out there for that game. It’s a good idea.
  10. Abe

    Fire Group dilemma

    Or roll a die to decide whether to allocate the DR to a random FG or reroll.
  11. Abe

    End S1 DaE. Is it a wash?

    Thanks JR, that’s most helpful. I’d imagine playing buildings as uncontrolled at scenario start would change the game a fair bit.
  12. Abe

    Spoogbob VASL Punk

    I think saving the game after each turn is a good idea. Helps with AARs as well. Nice to have a record and the files aren’t big.
  13. Abe

    Scenario names I'd like to see

    I think the original title may have come from the saying “I’d give my left tit for...”. So the companion scenario might be “taking the right arm”.
  14. Abe

    Spoogbob VASL Punk

    That’s a bugger. Games at night should be pretty safe for au Timezone though. He’d have to be pretty dedicated to be up that early in Chicago. Charming guy. He must lead a popular and uplifting life.
  15. Abe

    Chatbox says "sync'd" but I get no map on screen ..

    My computer is not the fastest.
  16. Abe

    Chatbox says "sync'd" but I get no map on screen ..

    I use discord instead of Skype, but sound quality drops markedly when Vassal is up and running. I think they might both be resource hogs. I use my phone for comms now, although both Vassal and Skype are too quiet using the speaker so a headset is a must. There was one point I was using one hand...
  17. Abe

    End S1 DaE. Is it a wash?

    We are having fun. There are some tactical errors but I don’t think we made big rules errors. I did just have one leader in the steeple, but forgot to do OBA at all for the first couple of turns and was red-carded at least once. Neither the OBA or the MGs were really that effective. We’d rather...
  18. Abe

    Scenario names I'd like to see

    Or “A toast to the host”
  19. Abe

    It's Dealing With The Rules

    I have my RB as individual chapters (or parts thereof) in slide bar binders (e.g. . Although here you can only get A4 size so they stick out the ends a bit. The ASLRB binder rings have never closed...