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    Edmonton NE - ASL Gamers wanted

    Thx boss been a while
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    Edmonton NE - ASL Gamers wanted

    Looking for regular games of ASL. Played for about 3 years regularly but stopped playing 10 years ago. Now have started again and have 4 games under my belt and know I have forgotten all that I knew at one time. Slowly relearning everything I once knew. Would love to have at least one game a...
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    When can Flamethrowers fire or not fire?

    This is my question on this and please inform me if the "newer rules" (BOB - Big Orange Book rules not starter kit rules) state this differently now days. BOB - A22.1 ... Long Range fire for a FT (even vehicular FT) is always limited to one hex beyond its Normal Range. FT FP is affected by...