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    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    Real good catch. Level 0 is correct. I had a layer ordering issue in photoshop that I did not catch. I'm pretty certain that is the only hex that was affected. Thank you!
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    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    That is Broken Hillside terrain
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    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    The following minor scenario modifications/changes(underlined below) have been applied: BD3 VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Marines win at game end if they control ≥ 2 Level 2 hexes of Hill 1 and ≥ 3 Level 3 hexes of Sugar Loaf Hill. BD4 SSR10 The LVT4 may not attempt ESB(D2.5) and is...
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    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    Jyoung's email I received last week requesting the Bitterest Day materials spurred me to come check out the forums. It's a pleasure to see people interested and hopefully having fun playing ASL with the Sugar Loaf materials. Everyone's interest and enthusiasm is truly appreciated. I know I am...
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    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    Just saw this today. Nice to see some play on Sugar Loaf map. I hope you are having fun and enjoying it, as that was my primary focus when it comes to ASL and Bitterest Day. I think I first started tinkering with a map and roughed out rules starting back in 2006. As Tooz related, I did intend...
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    Office Fest

    I still check in here to read your updates PJ Chad
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    Status of Peleliu HASL

    That was me Top. Unfortunately, kids, family, and real life have intervened and ASL is real low down on my list of things to do. Map, rules, scenarios, and CG were all updated last in the fall of 2015 around ASLOK time frame. Chad
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    My young one has been asking me for a baseball game for about a week. Since he has been banned from the Wii, I though I would go old school on him with Strat o Matic. I had thrown all my Strat o Matic baseball stuff out around 25 years ago (I now wish I still had it all), so I picked up an...
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    Glennbo's 2012 Baseball Thread

    MLB is running a pretty fun contest as a spin off of the 56 game hitting streak record. I thought it would be relatively easy to get into double digits...
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    Novelty Scenarios?

    ASLOK Zombies I have to concur with Steve and Mark on this one. One of the funnier things I have read in a long time ASL related. The design notes alone were well worth the meager $8.50 price. A truly unique product. Thanks to Glenn and the other East Side Gamers that thought up the...
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    Where have you seen ASL/SL in popular Media?

    ASL mention in Marine Corps Gazette Advanced Squad Leader is breifly mentioned in an article in this months issue of the Marine Corps Gazette. The issue focuses on USMC wargaming efforts.
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    ASL Officefest - Detroit, Michigan

    Forwarded from PJ Norton: ASL Officefest, ASL action Friday and Saturday, September 10th and 11th, 2004, at 38500 Michigan Avenue, Wayne Michigan 48184. It is free, tell your friends, bring a bedroll and spend the night if you like. All levels of players welcome. Email me for more info, or...