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  1. Gwinnell

    ON-1 Unarmed half squads

    Cheers Steve. That is how we played it.
  2. Gwinnell

    ON-1 Unarmed half squads

    In ON -1 are the unarmed halfsquads treated as normal or are they just a mechanism to start the scenario trucks without a driver? In other words are they worth CVP or exit VP's?
  3. Gwinnell

    [POLL] Do you play other games than ASL?

    D&D or Runequest Glorantha every Sunday evening at the moment.
  4. Gwinnell

    Is there any news/rumour about Hollow Legions?

    But not the spelling! Aluminium. PS I see this has been covered in some detail, I should have read to the end before posting.
  5. Gwinnell

    Manilianus' New Year's Resolution ASL Thread

    I believe it's just a reprint, it may have some errata corrected. Gavin
  6. Gwinnell

    For King & Country reprint

    The second edition was better but not up to modern standards.
  7. Gwinnell

    ASL never was developed, would you still be playing SL?

    It's fantastic, play it! Not sure it is good for solo though.
  8. Gwinnell

    Today in ASL history

    And yet it survives and multiplies!
  9. Gwinnell

    The ULTIMATE Death Star Challenge

    Paul I am struggling with this. How can it be more likely that a B12 weapon will all break than a B10 weapon? Also a 23.77% chance of all breaking seems unlikely as you would need 51 identical dice rolls on the RS dice. Maybe I'm just missing something. Gavin
  10. Gwinnell

    SK Style Map Board Issues

    I store all my maps folded and have never had any problems.
  11. Gwinnell

    DN1 Prelude Chabrehez Question

    Yes David this looks very interesting and not at all obvious how it will pan out.
  12. Gwinnell

    DN1 Prelude Chabrehez Question

    Cheers Klas.
  13. Gwinnell

    DN1 Prelude Chabrehez Question

    Am I reading too much into this? The balance provision for the Germans is to 'exchange one PzII with one Pz38t'. There is only one PzII in the German OB. Should there be more? Am I missing the relevance of specifying ONE PzII?
  14. Gwinnell

    Missing Counter Series: the Blacker Bombard

    Where is Psycho when you need him? And you don't need him very often!
  15. Gwinnell

    Hacker Windows?

    No issues here.
  16. Gwinnell

    Night rules question

    Playing 218 Siberia Diversion Does a cloaked unit loose cloaking and concealment if it attempts to move into a brush hex occupied by a HIP squad in a trench? Thanks in advance.
  17. Gwinnell

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    I fall into the last category as does my playing buddy.
  18. Gwinnell

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    I have no problem with that, it is the statement that using the IIFT somehow makes you a lesser player (I make no claims to be anything but a below average player) that I think is bollocks. Using the IIFT is optional but not because you are lazy or stupid and that is what he seemed to be saying.
  19. Gwinnell

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    This is just bollox.