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    John Wayne

    I used to like John Wayne's films a lot when I was younger, but I respect and like Jimmy Stewart more now.
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    Girls und Panzer English Dub DVD Trailer

    Double post.
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    Girls und Panzer English Dub DVD Trailer

    You did indeed. True. It reminds me of playing Worms in that respect. That was another game that you could lose hours on without thinking you were spending much time at all. Curses! It is not available outside the US. Boo!!!!! I rather suspected that would be the case. Still, I shall keep an...
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    Girls und Panzer English Dub DVD Trailer

    No sarcasm intended. I bounced from this to your blog post and really enjoyed the clips you posted. I totally get the WoT reference, although I have had to remove it from my computer, because I kept thinking "Just one more game. It won't take long." Several hours later I would realise that I had...
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    Girls und Panzer English Dub DVD Trailer

    That looks superb.
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I have my second game of 'Battles of Westeros' set up for tonight. We really enjoyed the last one. We hope to get the rules right tonight! Looking forward to it.
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    Multiple monitors?

    Dual output off a single card with my desktop machine. My laptop has a single external output so I run that with both laptop screen and an external monitor whenever given the chance.
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    Anyone here practice martial arts or boxing?

    I did Judo from a very young age but got bored of it. It was ok, but not really what I was after. Later on I took up Aikido and Tai Chi, both of which I enjoyed, although I always found the staying relaxed bit very difficult. Both of those were very calming and helped with my stress levels, but...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Hi, Ruarigh Dale here. I started ASL back in the early 90s but have been out of it for a couple of years. I am hoping to get back into it ftf, but failing that I do like solitaire, as long as I can set it up away from the FOBA. Cheers, Ruarigh