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  1. dreenstra

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Played a couple of these at ASLOK and saw a lot of others played. Overall, quite a good looking pack. The maps are great as always, #91 is a wooded valley and #92 a light city board with hills at either end. Scenarios are a good mix, 1 PTO (Japanese vs Marine/Partisan), 2 German vs Russian, 4...
  2. dreenstra

    ASLOK 2023 update.

    I'm sure it's a long shot, but next week has come open and I'm able to attend ASLOK for the first time in 7 or 8 years. Any chance anyone is looking for a roommate? I'll be there Wednesday to Sunday. Cheers, Dave
  3. dreenstra

    Bitter Ender 2023 April 13th-16th

    Anyone who is attending looking for a warm-up game? I should roll into town mid-afternoon on Thursday so I could play something fairly good-size before the tournament itself starts. PM me if interested and we'll pick something out. Cheers, Dave
  4. dreenstra

    Question on CC Infiltration/Field Promotion

    Feel like this has been asked and answered a million times, but I can never remember how to apply it. Situation, German 247 advances into CC with a French 458. No Ambush possible (so CC is non-Sequential), German attack is 1:2, French attack is 2:1. German rolls a 1,3 which is equal to the CC...
  5. dreenstra

    SF2 Power Struggle on Provisor and Boat Stacking

    Just want to clarify something with the Boat rules. Setting up SF2 Power Struggle as the Americans. All Boats start Beached per SSR. Being Beached, Boats are treated as Vehicles, so is only one Boat counter allowed to setup per hex (even if a hex has multiple water hexsides), per the Stacking...
  6. dreenstra

    Sword and Manila VASL Map File

    Is cropping nor working on the SaF map yet? Or is there a special trick with getting cropping to work? Trying to setup SF2 Power Struggle and cropping using hexrows 4E to 4T and coordinates 30 to 50. No change on the mini map screen and when I click Done, no change to the larger map either.
  7. dreenstra

    RB Terrain Transforms break LOS string

    I'm using the RB Terrain Transforms to mark certain Factories as Gutted for RB2 Blood & Guts. When I add these, the LOS string stops snapping center dot to center dot. Anyone else seeing this?
  8. dreenstra

    Seeking Opponent(s) for Festung Budapest VASL PBEM

    I've got my full slate of games. Thanks all! Cheers, Dave
  9. dreenstra

    Seeking Opponent(s) for Festung Budapest VASL PBEM

    I still haven't played all of the scenarios in this box. Would like to find an opponent (or 2-3) that would be interested in playing through all of them in succession. It's a serious commitment, but I can promise to turn around log files quickly. Shoot me a PM if interested. Cheers, Dave
  10. dreenstra

    MMP enlarging maps maybe.

    I would buy enlarged maps. I've played on custom maps created by other players, always a delight and make regular maps feel cramped, especially when trying to stack infantry and bypassing vehicles.
  11. dreenstra

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Can the functionality for adding a Motion counter directly through the Move sub-menu and the CTRL + O shortcut be added to Motorcycle and Sidecar counters, just like other vehicles? Thanks, Dave
  12. dreenstra

    Sam Belcher has passed away

    Sad news... Sam was a pillar of the ASL community. I always enjoyed reading what he posted. My one chance to play him at WO one year brought back my appreciation for the game as his enthusiasm was always infectious. He lived the role of "everyman player", never really focused so much on...
  13. dreenstra

    Crucible of Steel Errata

    Sorry to resurrect this zombie of a thread, but I'm looking at SBR 2 for BFP92 Trenches in Flames, which reads (in part), "No Fortifications may set up HIP [EXC: Mines if the option is used]". There aren't any mines in either the Russian or German OBs. What am I missing? I did check the BFP...
  14. dreenstra

    Cost for Leaving Elevated Road

    Fairly simple question, but what is the cross to leave an Elevated Road hex across a non-road hexside? In the attached pic, what does it cost the T-34 to move from 13Y9 to Z9? B5.42 states, "Tracked vehicles may enter or leave an Elevated Road hex through a non-road hexside at a MP cost...
  15. dreenstra

    Central Location for VASL Bugs?

    Hey all, is this the best place to report VASL bugs/issues/wishes? If there isn't and it's best to just report them here, a couple of things I've noticed lately: Motorcycle counters don't have the option to add a Motion counter either through the Move sub-menu or by pressing CTRL+o Is anyone...
  16. dreenstra

    Does Ambush drm for Pinned apply to OT vehicles?

    Yes, that's the rule I quoted. So you're saying that other effects of a Pin result, such as the +1 drm on Ambush, does not apply to a vehicle?
  17. dreenstra

    Does Ambush drm for Pinned apply to OT vehicles?

    An OT vehicle is fired upon inflicting a NMC on the crew which they pass by rolling equal to their morale, so they are Pinned. Are the penalties in A7.82 (+2 to TH, halving of MG/IFE/Canister/FT, no ROF) the only penalties? Or would the +1 Ambush drm also apply? I'm confused by this last...
  18. dreenstra

    logfile saving problem

    I have the exact same problem as Robin, right down to using Dropbox as the location I'm trying to save/create the logfile. To date, I haven't had VASL fail to eventually end a logfile, but it does repeat all the log lines (without the auto-report of counter movement), once for every time the...
  19. dreenstra

    VASL-6.5.0 is released

    But why would you? If you are playing against someone, both of you should use 6.5.0 or neither. It's not something I would do intentionally, but one of my opponents decided to upgrade and I wasn't even aware there was a new version. Could cause some concern for guys opening older games for...
  20. dreenstra

    VASL-6.5.0 is released

    Anyone having trouble opening games saved with 6.5 in earlier versions? Just tried opening a file while running 6.4.4, got the warning about the game being saved with 6.5.0, proceeded with opening, see the board, but no counters appear. I can drag new counters on but old counters don't...