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  1. igycrctl

    Would you rather be lucky or good?

    Sadly, I am neither lucky nor good.
  2. igycrctl

    Intro to the night?

    Can someone please suggest a good introduction to night scenarios? Thanks.
  3. igycrctl

    VASL "best rolls streak" page

    Thanks. Does that mean I’m using up my free random bits each time I play? I only get 1,000,000 random bits per day, so I need to conserve where I can.
  4. igycrctl

    VASL "best rolls streak" page

    Some people are referring to the dice roller. Can you use this directly in VASL? If yes, please let me know how to set it up. Thanks.
  5. igycrctl

    VASL "best rolls streak" page

    That was the reason I didn’t post any numbers. Just wanted to know how it compared to others’ streaks.
  6. igycrctl

    VASL "best rolls streak" page

    Not looking to get into a discussion about the quality of the dice bot, but I remember there was a page that listed the best/longest dice roll streak as recorded using the VASL log. It also said something about the worst streak too. I thought it was on the ASL scenario archive, but I can't...
  7. igycrctl

    The best tabletop wargames ever!

    I loved Star Fleet Battles! I’m still looking for someone near me who plays.
  8. igycrctl

    Primosole Bridge HASL Map now on Wargame Vault

    I’m sure I just missed them, but where are the campaign game rules for this (and the other Annual/Journal HASLs)?
  9. igycrctl

    Kakazu Ridge HASL Map and Suicide Creek HASL Map now on Wargame Vault

    When will the Primosole Bridge map be printed?
  10. igycrctl

    Pleva dice towers

    I have two of these and I am constantly getting compliments on them.
  11. igycrctl

    ASL Limericks

    My precision dice, as a rule, Are to myself very cruel. On morale, they roll high So my units always die, And I end up looking a fool.
  12. igycrctl

    Scenario Archive upgrade in progress

    Maybe it’s just me, but the upgraded site looks horrible on my phone. I can’t scroll left/right and info is clearly off to the side. Not sure if there is a fix, but thought I would mention it.
  13. igycrctl

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Not sure if this counts, since I didn’t technically buy it, but I won Corregidor: The Rock in a raffle at the New York State ASL Championship in Albany.
  14. igycrctl

    NNJ/NY ASL Club meeting 24 August, 2019

    I’ll be there. I’m looking for a game, too. So let me know what you want to play.
  15. igycrctl

    NNJ/NY ASL Club meeting 24 August, 2019

    Wait, what’s the date again? In the picture it say “December 21”, in which case it is almost two months away, or is it in November?
  16. igycrctl

    NNJ/NY ASL Club meeting 24 August, 2019

    I’ll be there with bells on. Sleigh bells.
  17. igycrctl

    suggestions for introducing PTO to ASL players

    I guess different experiences. This was one of the first PTO scenarios I played and was able to hold on for a win against my more experienced opponent. I might have gotten lucky with the placement of the flames, but in the end it was hard for the Japanese to take the victory buildings in the...
  18. igycrctl

    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    The result of my match with Brian DuBuis in this round of the second line league: Scenario: HS15 Hill 27 Jonathan Kapleau was the Americans. Brian DuBuis was the Japanese. The Americans got the victory.
  19. igycrctl

    Block a forum?

    Too bad, as I’m really getting tired of seeing all the political threads.
  20. igycrctl

    Block a forum?

    Is it possible to block a whole forum so that I don’t have to see posts made there?