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  1. Loquitor

    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    I ordered the bundle......more time for my credit card to rest
  2. Loquitor

    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    with the two options one with WO and one without it is at 567
  3. Loquitor

    Counting counter clipping

    Here is a video comparing the 2mm and the 2.5mm on 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch counters
  4. Loquitor

    Korea: The Forgotten War...

    I was one of the last to preorder...I ordered when the announcement it was ready went up...and mine has shipped
  5. Loquitor

    Korea: The Forgotten War...

    On the CSW forums Brian posted about the post office MMP uses catching fire........
  6. Loquitor

    Ray Tapio ranked 7th best wargame designer

    Two things come to mind: 1. A fool and his money are soon parted 2. Fool me once shame on you...fool me twice
  7. Loquitor

    MMP November 2017 sale

    Must be a mistake....when I bought AP13 shipping was $6.65 from Maryland to Florida
  8. Loquitor

    Critical Hit restoring Deluxe size to ASL

    and what size format will the maps be in say six months to a year
  9. Loquitor

    Hollow Legions III -

    I don't think any company does a high print run any more....AH 1998(?) run of Yanks may have been that last high run....Just like in print newspapers...cardboard games are few and far between
  10. Loquitor


    The website indicates it was put up in March of 2017. It is not half way to its number of 450 with only 202 orders taken. If it has not hit its goal in a year I imagine it would come down and not be printed....the first MMP ASL item to not make its number. Per the website..."In addition to...
  11. Loquitor

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Action Pack 13 from MMP just now
  12. Loquitor

    which is the best CH product of all time?

    sorry...late to the CH thread......I just assume in a CH thread.....was this something worked on by ASRomafan
  13. Loquitor

    which is the best CH product of all time?

    Which version of Berlin will this be? I assume CH! will print it. Will it have a unique name
  14. Loquitor

    Travel case for maps

    I have one of Olli's map years ago someone posted a map holder that was two binders secured together on the spine by a 23 inch by 2.5 inch by .5 inch block of wood....secured on one side by glue and the inside by screws...a slit in the clear plastic cover to insert...
  15. Loquitor

    AP 13?

    As said earlier this all the MMP email said ASL Action Pack #13 MMP is releasing ASL Action Pack #13 at the 32nd ASL Oktoberfest ("ASLOK") tournament in Cleveland, Ohio this October 1-October 8. Action Pack ASLOK XXXII retails for $22 and features two new maps (78 and 79) and 11 scenarios...
  16. Loquitor

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Updating the rulebook...J10 is in...HP is in....J11 is half way done.....thank God J12 is only 2 pages....And thanks to all those who took the time to make the sticky errata files and the Texas ASL website for keeping the files.
  17. Loquitor

    MMP: going the way of the Dodo?

    I was out of the game for three years and when I came back I ordered all the ASL stuff I had missed from MMP...about $400.00 of stuff about 1/2 of it on sale. Nothing out of print that came out during that time. There are three preorders...Korea, RF and map kit II...RF is slated for second...
  18. Loquitor

    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    I just feel that my first post in three years should be here
  19. Loquitor

    MMP rumours

    Could you be a little more vague please?
  20. Loquitor

    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    Translation....I never complain about myself