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  1. Michael Dorosh

    Geoboards - ideas wanted

    Guys who designed scenarios for the Combat Mission computer game (I was one) found that there was a lot of interest in setting objectives and axes of advance at a diagonal to the playing surface. ASL maps by their nature tend to be channeled either down or across a map from side to side. Be neat...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    Geoboards - ideas wanted

    I would tend to yield to the actual artists like yourself, Repetti, etc.. On the face of it, a relatively flat board (mostly common to see this stuff in Netherlands, the plains around Carentan, etc.,). I guess the danger is that it just becomes another Board 4, so I suppose it would depend what...
  3. Michael Dorosh

    Geoboards - ideas wanted

    Polder, as on the Elst map. This wasn't restricted to the Netherlands - the area around Carentan, for example, was laced with this kind of terrain. Could even possibly be useful for China, Korea, Pripet Marshes, etc.
  4. Michael Dorosh

    Is the Deluxe ASL Redux going to make preorder?

    My mounted boards have been used a handful of times so they are not even close to being worn out. And not a single original scenario in the bunch. Great way for others to catch up, but for those of us who have kept up going along, there's not a lot here to entice us. Mildly interested in having...
  5. Michael Dorosh

    Please help identify this officer

    Brigade-Major was a specific term referring to the senior staff officer at a brigade headquarters. He coordinated the work of the HQ and had a number of "G" Branch officers reporting to him, generally captains who were appointed GSO grade III. It wasn't unheard of for a brigade-major to take up...
  6. Michael Dorosh

    We Have Lost Another One

    I believe it was he who sent me photos of one of the old Avalon Hill buildings when I put out a call for same. Sorry to hear this, he struck me as quite generous and gracious. Sorry for your loss.
  7. Michael Dorosh

    worst pilot ever?

    Looks like the ALSRB bests another one. If we're going to compare worst mis-readings of the rules, I can point you to the video AAR I put online, completely oblivious that both of us goofed on the entry of reinforcements for one side and brought them on the wrong map edge, completely behind...
  8. Michael Dorosh

    Red October conversion to TCS, Omaha Beach

    Is anyone anticipating - or actively working - on a project that would involve 'converting' the new Red Factories to the TCS system? Come to that, is there any hardy soul who has played both the Critical Hit Omaha Beach module, and the TCS version? I'd be interested in a compare/contrast of...
  9. Michael Dorosh

    Red Factories cover art.

    The Russians are attacking the wrong way....
  10. Michael Dorosh


    Which it should. The 16FP isn't a measure of how many steel shards the round can expel or how big the detonation is, but rather a measure of how likely a squad of men would be to stick around once it went off. There is no quantifiable measure of this, unless someone wanted to find AARs that...
  11. Michael Dorosh

    Desperate for Desperation Morale

    It seems to me he created the 'consumer alerts' to tag the Wild Bill Wilder stuff that was being sold on ebay for astronomical prices. He just happened to reuse it for other products.
  12. Michael Dorosh

    Bet I can get Brian W to say something stupid

    You should probably read the whole thread before commenting on it. Paul dragged it into I-hate-American-politicans-despite-not-living-there territory in the first 3 posts or so. If you characterize every post that doesn't agree with your politics as a 'troll' - well, you get this forum, I guess.
  13. Michael Dorosh

    Desperate for Desperation Morale

    Show me where I've done that in this thread. Actually, show me where I've done that this year. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. How's that working for you in 2018? Look, the point which you seem to have missed is that you can either wring hands that one resource has gone...
  14. Michael Dorosh

    Desperate for Desperation Morale

    The ASL Scenario Archive has a catalogue of ASL products - and a review feature. Boardgamegeek also has the capacity to add any ASL product to the database (as long as it includes scenarios). It's very simple for any member of the community to help everyone else out with reviews and product...
  15. Michael Dorosh

    Desperate for Desperation Morale

    In para one you complain about the lack of hyper-partisan opinion pieces in your life. In para two you complain that there are too many hyper-partisan opinion pieces in your life. Have you considered that you're just not capable of being happy?
  16. Michael Dorosh

    Desperate for Desperation Morale

    I'll confess that one of my guilty pleasures is rewatching election night coverage and watching Ms. Clinton's supporters in tears. There are more of those kind of videos on YT than one would imagine. Also the pre-election "prediction" videos, I find those enormously entertaining as well. I hope...
  17. Michael Dorosh

    Da Paul Challenge

    The answer then is "yes" you are sure. :-) Good ID by the way, well spotted.