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VBM Overlay Marker Extension v2.2

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This is an updated VBM overlay. It is located in the Draggable Overlays on its own tab. SELECT+Click is required to select the overlay, and CTRL+right, -Left, -Up, -Down "nudge" the overlay one pixel in the respective direction. CTRL+F flips which 3 sides of the hex have the transparent area for checking the width for VBM.
This extension was built using VASSAL 3.7.8 and VASL 6.6.8beta6a. Note that VASSAL 3.7.8 is most likely the most important thing as no changes in VASL 6.6.8b6a are used for this overlay. Also note that 668b6a only has fixes related to the stairwell overlays introduced in 668 which conflicted with code in the overlays extension. They will be in 668b7.
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Latest reviews

An outstanding extension. My experience has been 4 out of 5 gamers are way overly optimistic on bypass.
Just what we needed! It allows you to nudge the mask to account for wall/hedge hexsides, unlike the original static mask.