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Article The 'Ultimate' RAACO Storage v1.0

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very complete package and thought on Raaco as a storage system. Only concern is shifting/mixing of armor counters within the storage trays based on this system
von Marwitz
von Marwitz
The shifting/mixing of armor counters is almost entirely prevented by creating stacks of 6 counters per vehicle type in the RAACO inserts. How this can be done if less vehicles that 6 are available of one type is described in more detail within the file. In practice over the last few years since I use the system, I can report that the problem of shifting/mixing of armor counters is minimal if the Handy Boxes are handled with reasonable care.
At last I have a new and tidy beginning to get my counters put in a logical order. Most, most useful! Thank you!
von Marwitz
von Marwitz
Thanks for the praise. Please be sure to have a look at the download section of the Texas ASL Club website. If you are looking for an editable Excel-File for all the labels, it is to be found there.
This is exactly the article I was looking for a year ago. Still valid and will be used. Many thanks, sir !
Incredible detail, answered all my questions, extremely useful for anyone considering using Raaco for ASL counter storage