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Handy Excel-based Scenario analyzer (using data from ROAR) 2.0

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Hello all,

Ever wanted to see at the same time both ROAR balance and rating for each scenario?

Just wanted to share a spreadsheet that I created for myself and have been using for a while. It displays scenarios by publication and, using data from ROAR, shows both rating and balance along with basic info such as which nationalities are involved and how long the scenario will take in hours to play (estimated) and other details (e.g. OBA, Night, Bocage...). See screen shot below.

Also included are tabs that can track your played games as well as a list that one can create easily that shows your "want to play" list.

Let me know if you like it and if you have any ideas to improve. Enjoy.


For those who have their personal game history already loaded in ROAR, and wish to download this data into this worksheet, here are detailed instructions on how to do so:
  1. Open the “At-A-Glance” worksheet.
  2. In the Worksheet, create a new empty tab by clicking on the + sign on the bottom row.
  3. Log in to ROAR and go to your Personal History page. Select Edit>Select All, then Edit>Copy.
  4. Go to the new empty Excel sheet that you just created and click in cell A1. Paste the copied data here (CNTRL V).
  5. Select all of the played scenario IDs in Column D. Copy (CNTRL C).
  6. Go the tab entitled, “My Played Scenarios”
  7. Click cell E2. Paste (CNTRL V). Note that the scenario titles (if found in ROAR), will automatically be listed in Column C).
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for the dates, side and opponents.
  9. Once all this is completed, you can delete the new tab. To do this, right click on "Sheet1" tab at the bottom, then select "Delete". Save the worksheet.
  10. Note: You will need to manually enter the result (column K) for each played game. If you copy and paste this column, the win-loss total generator will not function. Also, if you want to enter your opponent’s side and Publication, you will need to enter this data manually as well.
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This absolutely ROCKS .. thanks so much for working on this!! Certainly gonna make it much easier to pick out my next scenarios. Plus the "Wish to Play" and "Played" tabs are terrific!