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ASL "Warriors All!" Synopisis 1.0

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Advanced Squad Leader
Warriors All! Campaign Game Leaders for ASL, by David Payne An95p16

[The original article is peppered with flaws. This article digest makes many corrections without comment. WMH]

SL Campaign Game rules included a provision for "personal leaders" who would progress (or not) in rank and quality over the course of multi-scenario campaigns (see page 29 of the SL rules). The author was a fervent user of "personal leaders."

After sharing statistics and a few stories about the exploits of his 194 leaders, "used over some seven or eight years of SL play," he presents ASL Personal Leaders rules, written to the spirit of the SL rules.

These notes were my attempt to slim down and clean up his suggestion. I've never used them, but some may want to give David's suggestion a try.

Refer to the original source article for David's own words. Use my notes herein if they help and/or clarify. Any errors in my synopsis are mine, not David's.

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