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ASL Counter Labels for use with A75 & A78 RAACO inserts + Assorters covering all ASL Core Modules v1.0

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This is the PDF version of a file which provides labels to use with A75 & A78 RAACO inserts and RAACO Assorters and covers all ASL Core Modules (and a bit more) with roughly 1100 labels.

A separate article available at GS forum explains this file in detail and is downloadable here:

A more useful version of this file along with the article in better resolution will be available in the Download section of the Texas ASL Club here:

That version is in Excel format (.xls) which will allow you to edit and expand on the labels to suit your needs and to identify the individal tabs which is not possible in the PDF format which I had to use because GS forum does not allow the upload of Excel format.

So I advise to view this PDF-file of the labels merely as a 'proof of concept' and to use the one in Excel format instead.

Pages 2 to 22 (Print All Inserts DIN-A-4) of this version here at GS is normally a tab intended for printing ALL labels for the A75 & A78 inserts which optimizes a bit on space. On the following pages are the (same) labels grouped by individual nationality and for system countrers. At the end, you will find labels for the outside of the RAACO Assorters.
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