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A Guide to IFT Interpolation (in lieu of using the IIFT) v1.0

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A Guide to IFT Interpolation (in lieu of using the IIFT)

Instead of using the IIFT…

For a mathematically smooth progression of incrementally increasing affect for each bit of firepower, use the Standard IFT as follows:

For each off-column IFT attack, roll a D12 along with your two-D6. Based on your D12 result, apply your two-D6 DR to the lower or to the higher of the columns bracketing your actual firepower. [The closer your actual FP is to the next higher IFT column, the more likely you are to resolve your attack on that next-higher column.]

For example, if making a 3 FP attack, your actual FP is bracketed by the IFT 2 and 4 FP columns. If the D12 result is sufficiently low (1..6), resolve on the more-potent next-higher 4 FP column. If the D12 result is 7..12, you're rolling high (again), so, curse your D12 and resolve your two-D6 on the less-potent 2 FP column (i.e., as though you were playing by the IFT rules).

So, for the "smaller chart, but more dice" crowd, here is your guide to FP interpolation from 1/2 to 36+ FP using a D12 whenever actual FP is not exact to an IFT column but is instead between two IFT columns.
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