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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Warzone-Matrix, 4704 Rocky River Drive. Take a flashlight with you. Jack, the large, old, brindle dog is very friendly.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    My FLGS in Rocky River, Ohio acquired a collection of ASL games. By the time I found it, the good stuff was gone. However, there was a box of maps and I was able to get 12 maps that I did not have. I am still missing #77 but not much else.
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    Lancaster County: Are there ASL players?

    Millersville and Manheim are in Pennsylvania.
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    Operation Unthinkable

    When I played D&D, "Zakopious" was the name of my magic user. The DM's could never get it right.
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    Operation Unthinkable

    There was also a pack of ASL Scenarios called, "ASL goes to the Movies". See: EastSide Gamers did Zombie Pak 1, see: I am sure that more examples...
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    Operation Unthinkable

    Psycho posted a number of scenarios based on books of fiction. Thus, there is precedent for your idea. See:
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    It is really very easy to put a different name on a SMC. Scan or find an image of a SMC. Open in Paint or equivalent simple image program. Use the color picker tool to select the counter color. Use the brush tool to paint over the old Rank & Name. Use the text tool to type the new Rank & Name.
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    Moon/Cloud Counter

    There is a Moon counter:
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    Manila question

    i.e. "Balut"
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    Manila question

    I was stationed at Edgewood Arsenal, Md. The local restaurants served scrapple, so I learned to like it in Maryland. Can't get it in Ohio.
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    Manila question

    And Scrapple.
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    Panzerfausts could be reloaded?

    I had to watch it three times before I realized that the back blast burned thru the soldier.
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    Hart Attack scenario

    Source is listed as "ASL on the Internet" by Steven C. Swann From: MASTER ASL SCENARIO LISTING (by date of engagement) see: Texas-ASL Downloads
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    Is this forum dead?

    To quote Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us."
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    ASLSK #5 DOT AKA North Africa

    Rommel's Rod: