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    ASLOK 2023 update.

    At Cleveland-Hopkins ?
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    query about MMP Few Returned bundle

    If you have the 3rd Ed. of Hollow Legions, you have the scenarios from "Few Returned".
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    Why no glider tanks in Russian OB?

    The SU-76 is about twice as heavy as the T-60.
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    Assessment of the use of Wargames for Marine training

    Pavlos Germidis designed some counters for the Navy which appear to be based on the Conflict of Heroes game. The counters are for a littoral combat ship. If the game was ever published, it is probably classified because information on it is almost non-existent. Littoral Combat Game
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    did bed-springs really work against panzerfausts?

    They didn't all bounce off.
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    Not So New That You’d Notice

    Look on the ASL Players Map and you may find someone close to you. Also, for everyone on the map, there are perhaps 4 not on the map. ASL PLAYERS MAP
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    Soviet 4-4-7 airborne counters?

    There is even an account of flying infantry low over deep snow and dropping them without parachutes. Dropped in Snow.
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    SK Magazine

    Last call for Goose Green on the pre-order page. With luck, that spot will be replaced with something for ASL or ASLSK.
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    SK Magazine

    30 /Jan MMP 2023 Production Forecast Here is the MMP Anticipated 2023 Production List, released January 29, 2023: ASL Starter Kit ASLSK Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on preorder. Ownership of ASLSK4 will be required to play; An ASLSK magazine should be released; ASLSK Expansio Pack 3 wii be...
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    NOWSCON 2023, Sept 22 - Sept 24

    The Northern Ohio Wargaming Society (NOWS) will hold a small (~60) game convention in Sheffield Lake, Oh. Approximately, 30 miles west of Cleveland on Rt 6. NOWSCON will be held Friday, Sept 22 thru Sunday, Sept 24. If you bring your own games, there is extra-space for unscheduled gaming. Ken...
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    ASL 46' any interest?

    Desperation Morale has a page devoted to Arab-Israeli wars:
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    ASL 46' any interest?

    Genesis 48 by Critical Hit may be what you are looking for. Critical Hit is noted for uneven game quality so do your homework before you spend any money on it. "Genesis 48 tells the story of a war unlike any before or since. Kibbutzniks defending their homes, fighting alongside their wives...
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    observation balloons?

    "The Red Army of the Soviet Union used observation balloons for artillery spotting. Eight aeronautical sections existed, and 19,985 observation flights were performed by balloonists of the Red Army during the Second World War, clocking up 20,126 flight hours. 110 Soviet observation balloons...
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    Expansion Pack #3 Available from MMP

    I assume that Rule 8.3 covers "concealment" for other nations. "Concealment occurs only when PTO Terrain (8.2) is in effect or by SSR." Is there another rule for the ETO Nationalities ?