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    New Update

    Nice AAR and Pics. However, get the hell outathere with your BCs. If they are running into the main body at night, they will be toast within minutes.
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    My First big Victory

    Wow, you`ve sent up so few BBs nearly without escort so high up north? You`re for sure a braver man than me.
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    German Campaign

    Oh, c`mon, where is the fun with that?
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    The Battle of Emden, Jan 6, 1916

    Very good read! THX! btw. "Undaunted" is a menace for me right now. Not that she did kill my old CL "Arcona" and her DDs, even now stripped from her escorting DDs, she is making me headaches.Currently, I`ve sent CLs "Wiesbaden", "Elbing" and "Graudenz" on a mining mission west of Zeebrügge...
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    I posted up some screens at SimHQ's screenshot gallery

    ja, pics don`t to the game justice, it really looks much better, especially love the muzzle flashes and splashes when far in the distance. btw. anyone else noticed the shockwaves are sometimes missing? I yesterday created a scenario (the Duel + Bayern +Warspite) and I sometimes saw the...
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    The Morning of the Battlecruisers

    Yeah, I noticed that too in a campaign fight, when my HSF BBs ran at night into a TF of CLs and DDs. Hell broke loose and my line was partly a mess. As some BBs took some damage, I only hat to reduce speed of the Flagship, when the action was ofer and all sorted out within a few minutes. Was...
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    The Day To Remember

    Jolly good show! THX Z. PS.: I just played the canned break out from PA, at least I saved 2 BBs, all three PCs and the DDs minus one. (But only because Togo was so stupid not to draw his badly mauled Flagship out of the line, she could only do 11 knots at the end and was burning...
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    My Maiden Voyage with the Tsar's Navy

    Dito that! A small hint as it worked not bad for me: When you`re somewhat sure Togo is somewhere in the south, build one big TF out of your potent ships at PA and go for night raids into the vincinity of PA. You should be able to destroy these annoying cruisers there pretty soon, which...
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    Rurik's War

    Great writing! THX! Z.
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    Now that was close, second edition.

    That was exactly my idea, but as I knew there were around 20 Tbs lurking at the narrows on the entrance of the yellow sea, I turned back to PA. Ammo was too low. As for getting out of PA, it isn`t much of a problem for me, my 4 fast BBs disintegrated the TF around "Chin Yen" earlier. So far...
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    Now that was close, second edition.

    Aux cruiser "Angara" was on her way to the seas east of Japan, as these were in the past rich hunting grounds with only few defence. This mission was different. West of the Tsushima straits she ran into 20 TBs, which luckily broke of their attack after sinking 3 and damaging 2 more. She...
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    Wooden Ship and Iron Men

    Amazing! Never thought these ol` Clippers were worth the coal burned in their boilers. Great story! Z.
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    Now that was close.....

    Captain Zakalwe, in command of the small TF of PC "Askold" and "Boyarin" was on his way BTB. HIs TF had some small encounters, sinking one Maru, one Aux Cruiser and a Cruiser. "Boyarin" had only a few rounds left, so he ordered to return to base. Unfortunatly , he ran into one major Japanese...
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    The loss of the Angara

    Well, my "Angara" seems to be of another kind. She hunts down merchants like no other ship in the fleet. "Lyena" OTOH barely escaped a fleet of TBs and DDs only with the help of on of my PCs. Z.