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    Raaco- what system storage do you use?

    I don’t remember the exact number but the lifespan of a silicone mold is about 50 pulls. Probably cheaper to sell folks the molds and let them mix their own resin for casting.
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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    But you are OK when they are designed with IIFT? Or what you don’t know doesn’t bother you.
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    How do you like to organize your vehicle counters?

    I organize turreted vehicles light, medium to heavy models (left to right) followed by non-turreted, followed by open topped, and ending with soft vehicles. You need a system that works for your brain so you can find counters. If scenario cards had the vehicle notes next to each counter, that...
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    SSR questions/Help

    During DPh, use sniper counter (either automatically accurate or random based on situation) and declare the specified attacks per turn. If there is SAN 2 or 3 in the game, the defender won’t mind rolling these as the Sniper may never activate anyway. You may also specify that this is limited...
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    Free Starter Kit 1 level scenario

    I put this up on Facebook but if you are not on it, here you go. You can have two players for the Germans so a 3-player type scenario. Enjoy!
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    The end of the ASLverse?

    You left out the eternal rivalry between the BV box devotees, precision dice fanatics, three heretical dice clan and the dice gods temple priests. Will there ever be only one? Maybe if they are a Highlander....
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    What ever happened to Kevin Kenneally?

    For my first year of FB I had an account with a dummy name and just lurked in the many ASL sites but then I got into the Wargame sites, wargame and ASL sales sites, etc and just said screw it and jumped in. The govt and big business already knows everything about you if you use a computer and...
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    Battle at Best

    I’ve cut way back on what I buy from CH anymore, particularly with the flood of new products with a staff of two people. Best seems like the US at Pegasus Bridge so I’m not interested in this module. But I’m an east front fan coloring my views!
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    What ever happened to Kevin Kenneally?

    That’s ridiculous if really the case.
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    What ever happened to Kevin Kenneally?

    He had 10,000 posts and now never seen again. The last I heard from him he was moving on from his consulting job but saw he’s been at some of the Texas ASL events. Did he retire into the internet free zone?
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    Geoboards - ideas wanted

    I guy on Boardgamegeek put up a nice rubbled geo-board. I like his rubble piles and ruined buildings digital artwork:
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    AAR - Per L'Onore Di Roma - Q6

    The Russian had his Vodka so no need to share - lol! The Ruskies had 2xMMG both putting down fire lanes forcing me to the right and left of the village. I wanted to mass on my right flank but had to send stuff to teh left which did hold those squads from moving against the treatened flank...
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    A word on files in the 'Resource' area

    Speak softly and carry a big stick - nice! I think it would be great for the “little guy” to get out labors of love to the community
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    A word on files in the 'Resource' area

    I would be interested. But there could be issues if folks dont own the intellectual property rights of posted items?
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    AAR - Corps Value - WO32

    Some spuddy award winners in there!