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    Cav with buildings and charge Q's

    Charge is not possible, because you can't enter a building on horseback. That also answers your next question. In general, you can charge as often as your MF allow.
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    low crawl

    Your Rout destination has to be BB1. There's no other woods/building hex that is fewer MF away, and you can't ignore BB1. So, you can't go to C, because that doesn't move you towards your destination. If you didn't use Low Crawl, you could go to BB1 either via AA2 (your A) or BB2 (your B)...
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    Captured Malf'ed 5/8" Gun CVP

    There's no EXC for "malfunctioned/disabled" like with vehicular guns.
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    Captured Malf'ed 5/8" Gun CVP

    A captured non-vehicular Gun is normally worth two VP. That is only doubled after the scenario has ended. This might be relevant in some cases.
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    Sand and Blood - Victory Conditions, Control, Caves

    "The Americans win at the end of any CG Assault Period (...) by Controlling all land (including undestroyed pier) hexes of Gavutu and Tanambogo..." I think that a Japanese unit sitting in a cave doesn't control a land hex. Is this the case?
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    Sand and Blood - Assault Period 1

    Sand and Blood – Assault Period 1 After having played a few scenarios on the campaign map, we finally decided we were ready for the campaign. I suggested to take the American attacker, and my opponent kindly complied. So my Victory Condition is to control ALL of Gavutu and Tanambogo after four...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    We played the first 2.5 turns of Assault Period 1 of Sand&Blood, the Gavutu-Tanambogo campaign. Playing the American Attacker, I've lost 4 of my 12 landing crafts so far, but one at least has reached Tanambogo and unloaded. A few others have conquered Gaomi, and my NOBA and planes took out the...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I just had a six hour training session with two total newbies. I explained the (SK) rules and let them play S1 Retaking Viervielle against each other, while I did some coaching from the sideline (and in the end, because time was an issue, did most of the shot calculations for them). In the end...
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    CONSCRIPTS! 10th May to 12th May 2019, Nedensdorf, GERMANY

    We did it in 2018, we will do it even better in 2019: The second CONSCRIPTS! tournament will take place from 10th May to 12th May 2019 in Nedensdorf, Germany (Franconia). - Small, casual player friendly tournament (but pros are welcome, too!) - NEW: An optional fourth round, starting Friday...
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    can infantry units fire at a unpossessed piece of equipment ?

    There's a whole rules section titled "Guns as targets": C11.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Well titled, yes. Also, I suspect it isn't very well balanced. We have played it before, and although in that game the Americans managed to get a few more troops ashore, the Japanese won that, too, and it also wasn't close.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    This was the most lopsided defeat in a long time. I played the American attacker in 150 Tanambogo Nightmare. In turn 1, the Japanese AA guns sunk three of my six landing crafts. There were quite a few rolled "2"s and other low numbers involved, and of course the three LCs had my three leaders in...
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    Unloading beached LCP(L) at night, uphill, into a building

    Night rules are in effect. My American LCP(L) has beached across a level -1 Ocean hex into a level 0 wooden building hex. I want to unload some infantry. How much MF do I have to spend? a) 4 MF. Since the LCP(L) has no ramp, it costs 2 MF, doubled for elevation change. b) 6 MF. 3 MF to enter a...