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  • I get that impression mate.
    I've already had a run in with him in the past but on this thread and I'm a real **** for bearing a grudge !! lol....Jesus I've never heard such crap...and I'm the biggest crapspeaker I know !!! :) :)
    Please don't ever think my attack on Tater is any reflection on my feelings towards your countrymen generally who I have a great admiration for....I have never ever met, through work or pleasure (I work for a big US corporation...AON)...an American I wouldn't be happy to talk or have a beer with.
    I have to admit tho....no-one gets under my skin like Tate does lol
    Yeah, "Old Hickory" is good, but I think people don't like the night and it is dicey with the NVR changes/blazes. Definitely worth playing if you don't mind that kind of stuff. Keep up the good work!!!
    Not with the cousins wife. Scirosis does ugly things to a person. Some others from the meeting I was just at. It surely crossed the mind ;-)
    Yeah, I know tourney scens are here to stay; I just think they need to have some life breathed in them because the format seems to be so stale; rote almost. <shrug> Still, even bad ASL beats alot of good things, eh?
    Well, you have voted for more Democrats then me, so the almost....

    Seriously, glad I could make you laugh (I hope)
    IF I came across as rude, well, then I grovel in front of thee, knowing that I owe you the IJA vs. the beloved and blessed USMC whence next we play.....
    You still looking for the book about German Small unit actions on the eastern front?

    I have the book in digits.

    Send me an email at:


    There are 5 files about 5mbs in size each.

    Hey I won't be at the open either this year.
    WIfes work schedule and all.
    Are you well? I owe you a root beer or heck a real beer.
    Has the gaming/dating thing worked? Try SCRABBLE and UPWORDS. Great date games and frankly, good vocab builders too.

    And your the man.....................eh man.

    Thanks for the suport you and MMP give us by the way, snivel, grovel etc. No need to mention your my favorite rounders player.
    I have in digits "Bastogne; The First Eight Days" from the Center for Military History. Let me know if you need that and the Army Green Book "Battle of the Bulge" as well.

    Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.
    I'll let it go when Nixon is a destroyed man! Once he is broken and bleeding and crawls begging for forgiveness, I'll spit on him and laugh! :freak:
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