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    Help needed...ESG related

    Here it is.
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    "Quality in ASL": Some Desperation Morale Spelunking

    Is that an order? I think I'll pass on the untested jab. Just have them in a Conservative Free State. They are all fully open.
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    SCW1 & SCW2

    I don't have any overlays for this that I know of.
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    SCW1 & SCW2

    Remove the .zip from the file.
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    SCW1 & SCW2

    If you are talking about the 16 map boards from Spanish Civil War 1 and 2, no I don't think they have been made yet. There are 2 vasl boards named SCW1 and SCW2 but this is only 2 boards. Which ones are you talking about?
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    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    Any chance of posting that in the Resources area?
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    Will COVID shots be required to attend Tournaments in the future?

    They have proven that less then half of the people they say died from covid didn't. It was just reported as covid so they would get paid for it but the fake news will not report on it because it doesn't meet with the agenda. One case comes to mind. A biker died in a crash and covid was put on...
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    Will COVID shots be required to attend Tournaments in the future?

    You're brainwashed but that is what they want. They love you. Soon they will have a Covid Passport and only those who have it will be able to travel by air or sea. Also public transportation will follow, then entering a store, etc. It's sad.
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    Dien Bien Phu VASL map

    Go to the board folder and add .zip to the bdDBP file. open the zip and change the name from bdCE.gif to bdDBP.gif. Exit the zip file and remove the .zip from the bdDBP file and it should find it. It works for me.
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    Too Much ASL, not enough space

    Come on. How hard is it to put it in a box and put it in the attic. Why would anyone through it away!
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    VASL Setup Files for ASLSK #4 Scenarios

    Someone already did setup files for S64-71. I have them. We need S72-81 done.
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    Armored Trains

    I disagree. There are red Guards, olive drab marines and even white Finns. CH put them out. The Red Army should be Red. Why would you make them brown? The Marines should be olive drab. Why would you make them lite green? The SS should be black. They had black uniforms. And the Finns should be...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    CH has 4 or 5 new Nationality sets up for sale right know. The Classic Hungarian set is selling for $59.00 less the 30% discount for $32.00. That's not unreasonable to me. They also have the Ultimate Stalingrad sets, German and Russian with 2488 counters in each set for $109.00 less 30% which is...
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    Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.
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    Batisse Boards

    Try a different browser. Microsoft Edge does strange things on his site for me sometimes. Firefox seems to work ok all the time on his site.