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    Farthest Shot Ever?

    I rolled snakes when an 8-3-8 threw a DC on to a motion Sherman during a night scenario.......the resultant burning wreck providing illumination for the big cats to start a pounding....from fricken miles La Gleize map
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    Tracks and broken ground

    Rule F9. Who thinks that driving in a track through broken ground still requires a bog check. That’s the way the rules read. Intended?
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    Books: What are you currently reading?

    Mein kampf. Been meaning to for years. Frightening read.
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    Loathsome, inaccurate, sloppy boring drivel. Boring boring boring. Could rant for hours but.....boring best sums up.
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Vektor.....Terminal Redux. Awesome album
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    Anyone willing to defend this movie?
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    ASLOK 2017, too early for woofing?

    See you all there dudes. Flying in from Melbourne on the 29th.
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    Whom Gods Destroy

    This scenario was a belter. All three players were in it right to the death. And the "I won't shoot at you as long as you move in the direction over there" dynamic was awesome fun. It was even more nuanced than that. On the last turn, I wanted to K/KIA an adjacent squad......generated a 1MC and...
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    Your ASL Moment of This Coming Year (2017)

    After many years lost to ASL, my 21 YO son rejoins the fray and commences weekly games with me.
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    Your experiences/difficulties with the Oregon Laminations 2mm Deluxe Corner Rounder (C006)?

    I have both 2mm and 2.5. Done entire set including BFP stuff. Awesome. Much prefer 2.5.
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    Is there Something wrong with Journal 12 and WO Bonus Pack 8?

    Just ordered. Seriously hard to find. Are MMP trying to restrict sales?
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    Is there Something wrong with Journal 12 and WO Bonus Pack 8?

    Will we still be able to buy any MMP products outside US after inauguration?
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    How exited are you about the Korean War module?

    10. The more night scenarios the better.
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    Who believes in some kind of existential 'force' affects DRs?

    Without fail....whenever you say "let's just roll and if you roll low enough we'll look it up and see it it matters"........the roll is always low enough to require looking up the rule.
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    dice cups

    Dice tower I made 25 years go......surpassed by the vastly superior dice cup.