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    Where can I purchase Tacops?

    I've been looking around to purchase Tacops, but haven't been able to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I could pick up a copy?
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    Whats up?

    I've been away for 3-4 years now, and I've been wondering whats up in the world of CM. A double release of Red Thunder and Black Sea in 2014. Final Blitz 2 years ago. Apparently no new modules for any of those titles? Battlefront lost a developer? Engine upgrade #4 is out. I've tried finding...
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    CMRT opponent wanted

    Turn sent!
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    CMRT opponent wanted

    I would prefer the Russian side. PM me your email and I'll send you a file. Would you prefer to do mirrored or single?
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    CMRT opponent wanted

    I actually wouldn't mind playing a mirrored game of Angriff. I was put off mirrored games back when I played CMSF. I recall having the knowledge of both sides in one particular scenario essentially gave me the prevented me from doing something that would have been quite suicidal for my men...
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    CMRT opponent wanted

    If no one has responded to you I wouldn't mine playing a game with you. I'll play either a scenario or QB and generally would like to allot a percentage of points to each combat arm (although i'm super flexible about this I just rather not have one person buy a company of infantry to fight a...
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    CM:A beta tester AAR

    It's late so i'll make this short and sweet. Normal Dude has recently posted an CM:A AAR located here