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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Magic the Gathering (Standard format). I enjoy the inherent design (and redesign) challenges occasioned by WotC's periodic additions to and deletions from the Standard format. MtG allows me some gaming fun w/folks who have no interest in board wargaming, and it plays quickly. It's refreshing...
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    Motion target in prep fire

    Re: Moving It depends on the turn/phase. If, in your PFPh, you Shock a Motion vehicle, it will lose its Motion chit. At that moment, it stops being a Moving Target because it has not, in the present (current) Player Turn, entered a new hex used VBM begun Its MPh in Motion (it won't even...
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    BRT Bombproofs

    No CA (T6.5). Correct, save for CC, Thrown DC and Smoke Grenade placement (B30.2). Wayne
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    Point Blank Fire

    Point-blank applies. See C6.3. Wayne
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    Red Barricades: BV2nd ed or components?

    There are three sheets of RB counters, IIRC. Wayne
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    Deploying Spotters

    Then it is not allowed (but probably should be; try for a ruling, if necessary). However, a rules lawyer might argue that Deployment eliminates (removes) the designated Spotter and replaces it w/two HS. You may then use your ensuing PFPh to designate one of your...
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    Avoiding gun duels by MG fire

    Only in rare cases. See C5.33. Thankfully, gyros are rare. The way a DEFENDER normally accomplishes a change of armor facing is via a D1F declaration, even if just with bow or coax MG. It is then incumbent on the ATTACKER to declare and win a C2.2401 Gun Duel for a shot on the prior armor...
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    Motion target in prep fire

    No. See C.8.