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    T15.51 & t15.52

    > Rule:T15.51 & T15.52 > > > Question:Are the 3-3-6 units in the 3rd Special Base > Force (CG I) Korean Labor units? > > > > > > Are the 3-3-6 units in the Elements of Island Command > (CG II) Korean Labor units? > > > Yes, all initial 3-3-6s are Korean Labor units. > >...
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    Portal's New Avatar Contest

    :laugh: It seems to me a door would be most appropriate.
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    Finnish Troops

    One thing I have never understood was the design decisions behind Finnish Troops. At the outbreak of the Winter War the two Nationalities’ squads would have looked something like this: Finnish Rifle Squad 1 x 9mm SMG (M1931 Suomi) 9 x 7.62 mm Rifle (M1891 Mosin-Nagant Bolt Action Rifle)...
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    Good Grief! Good grief is right; you should really try to look up the meaning before you use such big words as conspiracy. :rolleyes: A business decision is not a conspiracy. For those of you that doubt VASL could be used in tournaments, a couple of points. The Ftf atmosphere can...
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    Hi all, I just did a test of Peer-to-peer VASL and while a little clunky, it seems to work ok. The main problem I see is how do you get rid of the direct connection popup box?
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    I think there is an ulterior motive here. It seems to me that the main reason you would risk alienating a bunch of customers by printing these flimsy ASLSK things is that they don’t think many people will be playing on them in 5 years time. The thought process I see here is this: MMP is not...
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    Getting started in ASL

    If you have Rulebook V.1 and Chapters E-Z, plus the errata is basically the same. However, you have to hunt for things more. The Glossary/Index of V.2 is quite a bit better.
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    What would you Pay ?

    I have to agree with Aries here. Plus this idea is still fairly half-baked. :) You need to define your idea a little more clearly for us to have any meaningful decision making process. I have only briefly looked at the KC stuff, but there is not enough info for me to look at it critically...
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    Computer ASL

    Well, if Ole helps them out there might be a glimmer of hope. However, we will all have to wait and see -- especially given some of their offerings. However, most of what has been said was discussed in this thread.
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    sowchos 79

    The question is by whom? Some are better at conversions than others and what sort of playtest did it go through?
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    B 6.4, B12.424, and G13.7 Scaling

    However the scaling rules refer to b23.424 so that should be ok.
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    Rules I dont like

    One way without restricting the formation size is to designate your leaders by formation. For example, 1st Platoon of Alpha company only benefits when under the direction of the platoon leader. If you want to FG elements of 1st Platoon and 2nd Platoon, you would have to have the Alpha Company...
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    Rules I dont like

    I don't see this as any more or less of a problem versus ASLSK scenarios. They could still be played FTF, but the onus of bookkeeping might become a chore in FTF. For example, in VASL you can make SW/leaders hidden until used. Vehicle passengers can always be 'cloaked', etc. Using VASL...
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    B 6.4, B12.424, and G13.7 Scaling

    I think B23.424 has your answer. :) In order to scale a Cliff must you start in the Cliff Location? No, you start adjacent. However, to scale a Pier you would either have to be on a water craft or in a enterable water location. And of course you would need to be a commando.
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    E1.92 Starshell Usage

    The crew must be CE to fire a Starshell. This is one of those situations that the trite COWTRA doesn't provide an answer. :cheeky: Logic would suggest that the answer is no. The rules only restrict an AFV - not PRC. Therefore, an AFV must be CE to fire a Starshell regardless of who is...