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    AAR - Blood On The Tracks - RO1

    working on it, Rob and I revised the VC mid-game. a major fire brought on by gusts is not helping the German cause. Game should be done in a couple of weeks
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    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    yes, we did Battling Buckeyes...
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    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    My IJA overran Kevin's Battlin Buckeyes with the ami infantry taking one on the chin while the armor danced. We got about half way thru the game and the US was down to about 1/4 GO infantry as the dice were heavily in my favor on this one. Many thanks to Kevin for the fun game. Vic
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    FrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka

    This was a great game that went deep, throughout the course I was challenged and had to pull off many shenanigans to disengage my units from under a the nose of a panther (or two). Sometimes successful, sometimes not. JR played an expert tank game and never gave me the chance to work into the...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Got in a game of CtR3 With Profound Regret, which was awesome, went down to almost the last turn. My opponent Rich had a HS/DC, Squad and crew/MMG vs. my two tanks and about 13 VP of units ready to run off the board, only problem was I intensive fired my MA and shredded my gun for a recall not...
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    SP Twilight Game

    Morning all, Had the pleasure of playing SP number 97 recently against my regular opponent Rich recently after coming off of a streak of games where my luck was sub-par, i.e. firing about 20 panzerfausts over several games and having that feeling I couldn't hit a barn if I was shooting from...
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    Dean's Defiance WO28 - At Albany and follow-on game

    was a good game Paul, two challenges with my side, the first was a mmg team/leader set up in jK5, that unit needed to back a little more as your units would advance adjacent to the stairwell and i had to break them to get them away (but couldn't rout across the road) forcing me to keep units in...
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    DTF-4 Death To Fascism

    Won this one as the Russians vs. Magnus and was one of the top five games for me, in terms of excitement and fun, of the year for me! Purchased the 50 cal and put it on the first floor with the 9-1 leader where the most important thing it did was inhibit movement of Magnus's forces. My attack...
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    ALL THINGS ALBANY 2018...2016 and 2017 carryover registrants

    Joe, Steve, many thanks for organizing a great event. Looking forward to next year. Had three of my most competitive games of the year vs. Brian W (losing in Boy Soldiers after a heroic defense that had the sniper blow a hole in the line in the last turn while Brian was sitting 1 VP...
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    PBeM Opponent Wanted

    Hi all, regular VASL player looking for a first attempt at PBEM. - Thanks all, game found
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    VASLeague 2018, general discussion

    My defending German's won against Kevin K's Attacking Ami's in HF7, gotta get out. A very tense game that came down to a conscript holding out in the train station in the face of a mtr, meat chopper, two tanks and an adjacent 667. Although he did have a little help from his friends as well as...
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    21st Brackin Basement Bash (long)

    First off, many thanks to Jim for hosting yet again another excellent event. Always good to get out and see folks in the local area. In our game, John and I picked something old that neither of us has played, it was AP11, swamp cats, with the coin flip giving me the defense on this one...
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    VASLeague 2018, general discussion

    Nate and I played AP117 with special balance given to the attacking Russians to afford a tight game that played out into the first half of R7 turn where Nate was making rolls to take control of 1 building and likely had ~33% odds of having enough control of the final block for victory in the cc...
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    VASLeague 2018, general discussion

    Really enjoyed the game Pablo, best wishes for future rounds.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Hi all, noticed a challenge with the sewer counters. When a unit gets lost, it is tricky getting to the "lost" sewer counter. What we found to work was Ctrl "L" activates the label portion of the counter, but afterwards it will show as the correct "Lost" counter. V