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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Thanks for making me re-read the rule. For some reason, I thought an entry trailbreak was only made by an AFV in an A-P minefield. :(
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    ??? Not familiar with it.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    VotG 17 "On The Verge Of Extinction" A blast (DC) of a time! Russians came in from all three allowable directions. Large contingent of 4-4-7s Mopping Up as they came forward, winkling out and eliminating HIP Germans on their way. Lots of German POWs throughout the game, so the Reds deployed...
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    VotG17 - On the Verge of Extinction

    It's an old post, sure, but I'm checking AARs on this one. The 88L should not have been able to set up in the S39 building due to size. Good AAR!
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    konigsberg HASL

    The ASL items I most look forward to purchasing anymore are each new LCP HASL, and Konigsberg is no exception. Great scenario packs from him, and equally great ones from other publishers, but his TMs (& the scenarios with them) are the most fun and engaging in my personal wheelhouse.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played two stellar scenarios lately... ITR-6 The Ceramic Factory... Another classic BFP city-fight! Russians were able to gain Control of the smaller factory on their final turn 7a(7a), but just came up short on the larger factory; SS win. Two Locations still had German units, oO6 and oP7, the...
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    FTC 8

    Who designed FT 211 9eme Compagnie Sacrifice? It is the only scenario not credited. Just curious...
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    Broken Ground Design: Pre-order pricing closes Jan. 31st

    Mine just showed up! Time to run to the store for some Krylon Matte spray, let them cure tonight, and punch tomorrow. I knew the aesthetic quality would be up to par, so I was most concerned with the physical construction-quality of the counters and the die-cutting. Nothing offset, nice deep...
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    Favorite Lone Canuck (mini) CGs / Tactical Missions(?)

    3rd for this, and not solely to bocage being my favorite fighting environment. When it came out (LCP's first TM), it was a relatively new template. The "small, manageable" CG vs the "long and drawn out monster" CGs of Stalingrad/ Tarawa. Or, the 'weekend CG' vs the 'multi-month CG' if you will...
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    Failed VCA Change-'?' Loss

    I agree, the action was declared even if it was not carried through to fruition.
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    Failed VCA Change-'?' Loss

    The Russians have moved and it is now the SS DFPh. An SS Concealed NT (JgPz) AFV sits in a woods hex. He declares himself to fire at a Russian AFV outside of his VCA, necessitating a Bog-risking VCA check to do so. He fails the Bog Check with a 5,6 DR. Does he lose Concealment? He never fired...
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    FT204 "Fear Naught"

    In the listed scenario, are the German truck reinforcements that may enter on/before Turn 3 required to all enter on the same Turn? Or are they allowed to come in one at a time, one on each of the first three Turns for example? Thanks!
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    Ozerkeya Bay Machine Gun insanity

    I am not qualified to comment on the historical accuracy of the force/SW allocation, however I must ask, was this a Drunk Post? You are usually sharp as a tack in the Rules Folder, quoting the most intricate rules interactions; yet in this post you have SORELY misquoted the nomenclature of the...
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    CC and the Exact Number to Kill.

    A10.2 Units in CC do not cause/take LLMC. I think they might if they are in a Melee and fired on from the outside (not 100% sure), but not if simply engaging in CC mechanics.
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    Crossing The Moro TM

    I recently completed a playing of this TM and it was quite rewarding. 4 Dates with very manageable force sizes. Each Date usually consisted of what I consider to be a Medium-size scenario (perhaps a smidge larger), and thus played fairly quickly.....although each Date went the entire 8 Turns! A...