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    Manila HASL - Good news, Bad news

    Congratulations Sarge! Can’t wait to finally see this in print!
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    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    A Korean module??
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    Idle Time

    Love the ‘box’ art! Who is the artist?
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Dangerous Descent into Maggot Valley CtR-14 from Corregidor the Rock. Japanese won in the 5th turn by accumulating 14 CVP before the Yanks could take 4 guns and knock out 18 CVP. Love the map, really fun scenario. Even better, the scenario designer ASL Sarge hosted the game day and provided...
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    Action Pack and Journal reprints?

    It seems that since the journals have all been sold and MMP is not planning to reissue them, hence no loss of money to MMP, they should allow pdf’s of the articles to be posted online. I know they’re copyrighted but MMP wouldn’t lose anything by this for those of us who would really like to read...
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    How did you get your start into War games?

    Must have taken a roundhouse to the head and lost my credit card. When I finally came to, a couple of thousand was charged to my card and all of these boxes showed up on my bookcase with Raaco’s filled with counters.
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    I need 2xd6

    Red 5, white 3
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    Raise your hand if you have not played a scenario from the Forgotten War module

    That was McHale’s Navy. 5 o’clock Charlie was MASH.
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    Raise your hand if you have not played a scenario from the Forgotten War module

    I’m waiting for the scenario where all you have is a 40mm AA gun, a S. Korean crew, and a 6+1 US SMC and you have to shoot down a N. Korean plane trying to bomb an ammo dump. It’s scenario name is “5 o’clock Charlie”.
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    Scenario names I'd like to see

    In homage to John Belushi’s memorable skit on SNL, a Japanese night scenario entitled “Samurai Night Fever”
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    "Hatten in Flames" sold out?

    Has Ritterkrieg started shipping theirs yet?
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    Basic ASL game patterns

    Yes, us new players do need to learn by experience, I agree. However, this is great information, in my opinion, for me to try to remember and keep in the back of my head. There are many items listed here that I routinely forget and kick myself later over. I'm still getting beat up regularly...
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    Hollow Legions III -

    Yes, thanks. Let me know how much to send and what PayPal email. Thanks!