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  • "Any of 'Obsidian' rubbing off on them yet? LOL!"
    Not yet, we, unfortunately, are not around them enough, as they live over 12 hours drive away.
    Wyatt; Would you have any problem with me posting the 'stepping out' pic of you and Frances in my 'friends' folder?

    It's a classy pic, dude!
    Wyatt, check out the ongoing in Sil's conversation....

    Remember not to choke when you view my pic, eh?
    time hack: 22:44;

    You, Me, and 4 guests online....

    Just a nudge about the NuB forums, eh?

    Wish I had enough evil intent to go with the 'seekers' to find out who they were, but that isn't the sort of thing we need to do to build up the fan base, is it, LOL!

    Had any 'Epiphanies' lately?
    AHA! I recognized the guy, but couldn't place who he was. Thanks, L'zard; now I remember he was the guy that played Patton.
    Of course you recognise Sil's new avatar...

    On what real-life military man was George C. Scott’s Buck Turgidson based?
    Turgidson’s gung-ho attitude, cigar-chomping and ability to talk about "acceptable casualties" were inspired by Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Strategic Air Command during the 1950s. LeMay attempted to run for President in 1968, on the same ticket as controversial Alabama Governor George Wallace.

    "We can't allow a Mine Shaft gap!"

    Ironic, isn't it?!?

    Wonder what Bob Cross will make of this?

    Well, the one thing I will say about all this 'social networking' that it gives me a chance to use the ability to 'touch type while drunk' to some kind of beneficial effect, eh?

    Now, if I don't get 'TOO Random......."
    I always managed to resist the temptation of facespace, mybook or whatever it's called, but yep thanks to gamesquad now we're sorta lured into something like it hehe
    I have a wall? Dear Lord, I avoid Facebook, but now it's finally got me....:eek:
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