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    CyberVASL XIV

    oops, I missed this thread! wonder if I could join groups D or G?
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    Sniper "2" result wounds then kills a leader. What morale is he when he dies?

    Similarly, if a 9-1 stacked with a squad suffers a K/ result and the leader is wounded to a 8-0, which "leader" applies its leadership to the MC of the squad?
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    Hidden Guns and setup order

    Agree with this, klas, but my doubt is, as both sides start on the map, it seems "strange" that one side may setup hidden units and the other not. Related to this, the comment of Honosbinda makes some sense about that.
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    Hidden Guns and setup order

    This is the sort of "simultaneous" setup that I mentioned. Maybe the "sequential" setup is more accurate with the rules text, but there is margin to interpretation
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    Hidden Guns and setup order

    For instance TAC54 In the Name of Rome. Both sides have a 5/8" mortar to setup onboard, the Russians first. It's a good point what you suggest
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    Hidden Guns and setup order

    As per A12.12, The player setting up first in a scenario does so out of vision of his opponent, and after setting up his regular units may place only scenario OB-designated "?" at first—but only in Terrain listed in red in the Terrain Chart/Desert Terrain Chart/PTO Terrain Chart . After his...
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    Hindrance hexes at same distance from the firer

    Of course they don't. But in my opinion SK should have the less rules that have to be modified, rather than added, when you make the step to full ASL. So, for instance, when you incorporate bypass rules you don't modify what you know already of movement. But in this case the rule changes.
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    PTO Terrain and TH/TK for SK extensions

    It is not by default, and neither in the extensions terrain-chart-1.2.1 nor 5TRN (at least, I'm not able to see PTO terrain in them). Could you please tell me which extension do you use?
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    Hindrance hexes at same distance from the firer

    In A6.7 of ASLRB it is stated that "Whenever a LOS crosses (or goes along the shared hexside of) two hexes that have the same range to the firer, however, only the LOS Hindrance of the hex with the highest applicable LOS Hindrance DRM is counted. Therefore, the number of hexes in which a LOS...
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    PTO Terrain and TH/TK for SK extensions

    I don't know if these extensions were posted already, so here they are: PTO Terrain TH/TK Tables for SK#3 Extensions
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    Half Squads, SW and SFF/FPF

    So does this mean that if a HS fires a MG in the PrepFPh and retains ROF, it couldn't fire its inherent FP, but it had to fire the MG again?
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    Cave LOS

    Due to continuous slope (B.5), if firing to K10 there is 1 hindrance in K11; beyond of K10, there is no hindrance.
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    S28 "Out of Luck" - Immobilization DR and roads

    If you move to a road hex but not crossing a road hexside, do you have to roll for Bog?
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    Draft SASL SOP

    Credit for this:
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    ITT Crit Exactly on

    Good explanation. Just one correction, the dr has to be less than or equal to the Modified TH#